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Six Children's Winter Activities with Snow

Suggested Activities for kids: winter

When the first snowfall of the season arrives, your kids can hardly wait to get outside to frolic in the frigid winter air and catch snowflakes on their tongues. There are so many exciting outdoor winter activities for a child to engage in that they’ll never run out of enthusiasm for the cold, white stuff. If they do run out of ideas and need a little stimulation, here are some ideas for children’s winter activities that involve playing in the snow:


Have a snowman building contest.


Give each child the challenge of building the most unique snowman he can envision. Watch them go to work creating the snowmen of their dreams. When the snowmen are completed, give a small prize for the best snowman. Be sure to take lots of photos of the snowmen so you can remember them for many winters to come.


Have a snowball building contest.


For the ultimate in family winter fun, have a snowball building contest. Divide the children up into teams and challenge them to build the biggest snowball they can. The team with the largest snowball at the end of the contest is declared the winner. Take pictures of the entire group gathered around the giant snowball.


Make artwork in the snow.


Fill some squeeze bottles with bright shades of food coloring. Give each kid some bottles and let them create an artistic masterpiece in the snow. This is a great way to develop their artistic eye while keeping them happily occupied.


Do some power sledding.


Sledding is on the best outdoor winter activities for kids since your children will get lots of exercise pulling their sleds up and down the hill. Let them sled to their heart’s content. When they return to the house tired, but exhilarated, serve them hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fire.


Make beautiful snow angels.


Bundle your kids up warmly for this children’s winter activity. Show your children how to drop down into the snow on their backs and carefully move their arms and then their legs up and down repeatedly to create the form of the snow angel. Be prepared with a camera to take photos of the beautiful snow angels that emerge.


Take a winter walk.


With your children dressed warmly in their goose-down coats, take them on a winter time walk in the snow. Breathe in the cold, fresh air and marvel at the pristine beauty of a perfect winter day. This is one of those outdoor winter activities that the whole family can enjoy.


There’s no need to stay inside on a snowy day when there are so many children’s winter activities for your restless group to enjoy. Why not join in the activities and make it a family winter fun day to remember!



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