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Arts & Craft Book Kits

Klutz Kits for Kids

The idea behind Klutz books and kits is simple: their products are designed for the artistically uninitiated, so they are easy to do. Still, their appeal is wide—kids and adults of all ages and abilities love these sets! Klutz products are inspirational—they generally encourage kids to... 
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Buyer's Guide: Best Picture Books

Best Picture Books for Young Children

These classic picture books engage young children's minds and hearts...
Best Picture Books

Children's Book  Review: The Peace Book

Peace is an abstract concept that has many meanings—it's both a feeling and a state—and The Peace Book effectively illustrates this powerful concept to children through bold illustrations and thought-provoking statements...
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Feature Book  Series Review: W.I.T.C.H.

Magic, friendship, and fantasy are eloquently combined in an exciting and intriguing new Disney book series, W.I.T.C.H....
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Chapter Book Series Review: Geronimo Stilton

The flash and lure of video games and television can make good old-fashioned books seem rather boring in the eyes of young children. Still, once children get turned on to reading, they're raring to go. There's a new series of chapter books on the market that doesn't star Barbie, Arthur, or any such recognizable character, yet still manages to attract young readers: Geronimo Stilton... 
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Book Review: Charming Opal (Toot & Puddle)

This latest in the Toot and Puddle series of books shines with wit, warmth, and whimsy. Holly Hobbie’s illustrations are imaginative as they follow and carry a truly delightful and “charming” story... 
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More Book Reviews

One Beautiful Baby

From one sweet smile to ten sticky fingers, this counting book comes alive with captivating and tender illustrations depicting a day in the life of Baby...
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A Poke in the I: A Collection of Concrete Poems

Top Pick If you are wondering what concrete poems are, simply put, they are a whole lot of inventive fun. These highly visual poems express themselves not only through their text, but also through a playful arrangement of words, spaces, and typefaces... 
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A porcupine named Cushion in a petting zoo has definitely got a problem! Whoever would pet a porcupine?...
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Sweet Dreams:

The Dreamtime Fairies

Perfect for sharing at bedtime, this new book by Jane Simmons will cure any fears of shadows and is guaranteed to fuel sweet dreams...
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Just Like You

A little mouse has a very big question for his mother after they've witnessed all sorts of animal parents getting their children ready for bed in this charming bedtime story...
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Activity Books

Take a Tree Walk

Turn off the TV and take a tree walk with this fun interactive handbook. Everything is here to inspire kids to plan and take a nature walk. They'll learn how to "ID" trees and leaves and have a great time as they do ...
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Children's World Cookbook (Usborne Internet-Linked)

Packed with appealing photos of food and international landmarks, this world cookbook is specially designed to be used and enjoyed by kids ... Read more

Our Reviews:

At, we look for children's books that engage and delight young minds. The Guide to Children's Books section of our site includes our collection of independent reviews and articles.

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Arts & Crafts and How to Draw Books

Doodle Cats

Doodle Cats doesn't only offer kids fantastic guidelines and instructions for drawing cats of all shapes, sizes, and expressions—it comes with a roll of paper to doodle on, and an attached pencil to doodle with. The roll of "doodling" paper is 35 feet long, and can be pulled through the special holder and torn off as desired. Kids doodle right on the writing surface of the book...
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What Shall I Draw?

Books such as this one are wonderful to have on hand in a household with young children. As parents, we usually encourage our kids to let their creative juices flow naturally. No doubt, drawing freeform is one of the most creative activities kids can engage in. However, there comes a time when children enjoy some art instruction...
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Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Weirdos

How to draw "weirdos" like bats, vampires, witches, skeletons, and more...
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I Can Draw Animals

This 32-page paperback from the Usborne Playtime series is simple and fun. Designed for young children, I Can Draw Animals gives step-by-step instructions...
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Learning to Read

Books for Children Just Taking off in Reading

Once kids can sound out simple words and know some sight words, you'll want to keep the momentum going and offer some simple books that will help build confidence and gently challenge...
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The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat (An I Can Read Book)

This sweet little book is simply perfect for children who are ready to move beyond their Bob Books or other basic readers. This remains simple, but...
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Go, Dog, Go!

Top PickThis classic P.D. Eastman story is just right for budding readers who have grown out of their Bob Books. In fact, it is a wonderful read-aloud for preschoolers too...
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Check out art prints of favorite children's stories, including Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, Guess How Much I Love You?, Goodnight Moon, Beatrix Potter, and more...
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Focus on Children's Author: Fun New Books by Todd Parr

Todd Parr has a special way of sending kids "feel-good" vibes in a playful, unforced manner, and his latest titles are just as fantastic and fun as such earlier books as...
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Focus on Children's Book Publisher

Candlewick Press Books, New and Old

With ten years, and such remarkable books as Guess How Much I Love You? and One Duck Stuck!, under their belt, Candlewick Press, an independent children's publisher, has reason to celebrate. We had a chance to take a look at their brand-new and upcoming children's book offerings...
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Focus on Author: The Little Duck with Big Feet: Daisy!

Daisy by Jane Simmons book reviews artwork pictures

Top Pick. Jane Simmons' Daisy books feature stunning artwork and stories with gentle drama... 
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Article: Teaching Preschoolers the Alphabet

We suggest activities, select books, videos, puzzles, and toys that will make teaching little ones their ABCs easy. We even include a recipe for baking alphabet cookies...
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Book Review: Oh, Baby! A Celebration of Babies

Top Pick Children will find these adorable babies delightful--and parents will, too. This "celebration of babies" inserts babies into most unusual and whimsical situations...  
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Special Interest


Potty Time Videos & Books

When it's potty time in your household, it definitely helps for young children to learn about "going potty" from a variety of sources. Incorporating potty-learning into children's favorite activities--like story time—can be very useful; that's where books about going potty come in handy ...
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Juggling Act: Handling Divorce Without Dropping the Ball

This "survival kit" contains books, a calendar with stickers, and a divorce communication tool--all designed to help make the difficulties that often accompany a divorce a little easier to handle....
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