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Computer Game Review: Dora the Explorer: Fairytale Adventure

This is the best Dora the Explorer computer game to date...
Dora Fairytale Adventure Review

Computer Game Review: My Little Pony PC Play Pack

This sweet but short game is ideal for younger computer players. The activities are purely entertaining (they have little educational value), enjoyable, and easy to complete. All in all, this game presents a confidence-boosting experience for young players (ages 3-4), but it's neither deep nor long enough to satisfy children over the age of 4....
My Little Pony CD-ROM Review

Article: Boohbah

Discover the colorful and fun, if bizarre, world of the Boohbah, five atoms of energy and their StoryWorld friends with software, toys, and games...
Boohbah Show, Games, Toys

Children's Video/DVD Review: Little People Friendship Collection

Top Pick Most toddlers instantly recognize the chunky Little People characters, and now they come "alive" with fascinating claymation in a new line of videos and DVDs.... 
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Children's DVD Reviews:

Big Bird in China 

Top Pick. This Emmy award-winning Sesame Street special first aired in the eighties and is now available on DVD. Big Bird in China is a  memorable musical featuring a treasure hunt theme and a most delightful host--the lovable, curious, and personable Big Bird.... 
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Care Bears: Kingdom of Caring

Who's gonna be there when it really counts? The Care Bears, of course! This new DVD contains six episodes culled from the classic 1980's television series, starring the huggable, lovable bears ... 
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Children's Music Review:

Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Chants

Our favorite children's music recording to come around in a long time! Katherine Dines' Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Chants is magical and fun...
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More Software Reviews:

Kelly Club: Barbie Software

Disney Princess Collection

Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair

Preschool Playroom is a magazine designed just for preschoolers! Featuring favorite characters like Bear in the Big Blue House, Blue, Spot, and Maisy, this magazine offers write-in workbook-style pages and activities sure to please little ones. The idea that a magazine comes in the mail just for them makes preschoolers feel extra special. 

 Preschool Playroom magazine subscription.

Gift Guide:

Gift Guide: Great Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

We've selected our top ten picks for gifts especially for preschoolers. Toys, games, software, music, and more. Check out our favorites...
Gift Guide for Preschoolers


Amazon's Holiday Toy List (sponsored link)

They Must Be Giants!

Top Pick. The best, albeit the quirkiest, DVD for learning the letters of the alphabet in a long time: They Must Be Giants, of the album No! fame, have released Here Come the ABCs, both on audio CD and DVD video. Absolutely sensational!...
Here Come the ABCs DVD Review

Computer Game Reviews: Dragon Tales: Fly with Dragons

Of the Dragon Tales software games released, this one earns our highest recommendation. 

Designed for children ages 4-6 (we feel 4-5 is a better target audience), Dragon Tales Learn & Fly with Dragons uses the helping-and-sharing philosophy of the television show and adds some clever activities that gently encourage children to think logically...
 Dragon Tales Review


The latest software starring The Wiggles, The Wiggles: Wiggly Party, is not nearly as infectious as the popular television show...
 Wiggly Party Game Review

Children's Handheld: Leapster L-Max

Top Pick The latest Leapster—the L-Max—is a winner...
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TV has become interactive with two new systems (V-Smile and InteracTV DVD System) that offer preschoolers two different ways to learn with the television set...
Interactive TV Product Comparison

Best Games & Software for Kindergarten-Readiness

We choose the best software and games that will help prepare your child for Kindergarten... 
Ready for Kindergarten


Teaching Preschoolers the Alphabet

We have some activities, select books, videos, puzzles, and toys that will make teaching little ones their ABCs easy. We even include a recipe for baking alphabet cookies...
Teaching the Alphabet

Toy Review: Leap Pad Plus Writing

Top Pick. If you don't already own the revolutionary LeapPad, this latest model is the one to buy. Although the same as its LeapPad cousin in most ways, the big difference is found in its magic pen--and what it can do to expand the LeapPad system's learning power...
 LeapPad Plus Writing & Microphone Review


Preschool Software Comparison

Educational software for preschoolers abounds. We compare preschool titles in this feature article...
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Our Favorite ABCs and 123s Videos/DVDs for Preschoolers

We have selected our favorite educational videos that help kids become familiar with letters and numbers...
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For Kids Curious About George

Kids have been curious about Curious George literally for generations. He's been around for over 60 years, yet he still captures the hearts of little ones... 
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Popular Children's TV Characters on the PC

Kids' favorite characters like Rolie Polie Olie, Bob the Builder, Stanley, Elmo, Blue, Zoboo ... they all star in software programs. Here's what we think of the games ...
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It's Art Time!

You'd be hard-pressed to find a child in preschool who doesn't rejoice when the teacher utters this phrase. What about art on the computer? ...
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