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Software:The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

The Number Devil, from the makers of the excellent Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster, is an ambitious mathematical adventure with an attitude. We found this software program a little difficult to rate, simply because the concept of presenting math tricks and tips is outstanding, but the attitude of the program may be questionable for some parents....
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Software: Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

Mystery number ten in the exceptional Nancy Drew software game series, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch, is an all-new story with some new features, and essentially another satisfying game. Although the atmosphere is a little less edgy, the game nevertheless draws kids into a mystery that requires brains to solve and doesn't rely on violence or other sensationalism to appeal to kids....
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Reference Software:

Encyclopedia Software: World Book 2004 Deluxe

Sometimes less is more. World Book 2004 Deluxe is a fantastic starter electronic encyclopedia for kids just beginning to do research for school projects. Although it features less content than many electronic encyclopedias on the market, ...
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Feature Review: Computer Microscope

QX5 Computer Microscope Digital Blue

Top Pick. Remember the Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope? It was a fantastic computer peripheral for kids, and the software included in the package was great fun too. However, through some marketing blunders, the QX3 was discontinued. Prima Creations picked up the product and updated it. And that is the story behind Digital Blue: QX5 Computer Microscope, an innovative microscope and computer software package that pretty much defines the term "edutainment"....
QX5 Computer Microscope Review


Amazon's Holiday Toy List

Feature Article: Neopets!


The fantastic online "virtual pet" community, Neopets, is so popular that a merchandise line is now available. Even Hasbro and Thinkway Toys are producing Neopet toys. There's plenty to do at the site, and best of all, it's free! We show you what has to offer...
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Gift Guide:

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 9 & up

We've selected some wonderful gift ideas for children, including software, video games, creativity kits, and more. Plus, we show you the hottest trends, such as Beyblades and Yu-Gi-Oh!, this holiday season...
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Software Game: Zoo Tycoon 2

With Zoo Tycoon 2, players can build, manage, and maintain their very own zoo in 3D, complete with realistic animals that act like their real-world counterparts, exhibits, lush habitats and landscaping, guest attractions, and more....
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Feature Review: Toontown!

Disney's  Toontown Online

Top Pick This 3D online game impressed us, and continues to do so. Multiplayer would be an understatement--in fact, officially the adjective "massively" goes along with "multiplayer" to describe the experience. Any given moment during the day, there are thousands of children playing the game...
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Children's Computer Game Review:

Software: Math Missions Grades 3-5

Top Pick Another winning all-new CD-ROM from Scholastic gives children a very entertaining workout in real-world math skills ...
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Feature Article:

Learning on the Go

We take a look at portable electronic toys that actually teach and reinforce fundamental curriculum. 
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