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Hot in Toys: Elmo Live

Elmo Live is the most advanced interactive Elmo to date. (image is an affiliate link) Elmo Live

Review: The Letter Factory Game

The Letter Factory Game by Leapfrog features electronic hand-holding in the form of Professor Quigley, a talking guide who lets them know whose turn it is, how many spaces to move, and which cards to find...
Letter Factory Game Review

Review:LinguaFun! Spanish, French, & German

These Language Learning Card Games are ingenious. Both kids and adults will benefit from this "edutaining" approach to learning a second language!...
LinguaFun Language Learning Review

Article: Interactive TV

TV has become interactive with two new systems (V-Smile and InteracTV DVD System) that offer preschoolers two different ways to learn with the television set...
Interactive TV Article

Toy Review: Apples to Apples Junior 9+

Top Pick Parents will get a kick out of watching their kids giggle, negotiate, and associate with this fantastic card game... 
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Toy Review: Pretend & Learn Cash Register

If you are looking for a children’s cash register with which kids can "play store", you may be disappointed with the Pretend & Learn Cash Register by LeapFrog. More of an activity center for preschoolers, this electronic toy certainly has its merits...
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Toy Review: Dancing Deedle Dudes

Top Pick. What fun! These "dudes" are adorable. Pick them up or make a loud noise and they start to sing a funky song and move to their own beat. There are six Dancing Deedle Dudes in all--a cow, horse, frog, mouse, cat, and dog ...
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At Edutaining Kids, we review and rate children's toys that both entertain and educate. Play time is learning time with toys designed to get kids ahead of the curve!
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We've rounded up our top ten picks of wonderful gift ideas for children — including toys — divided into the following age groups:

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Children's Handheld: Leapster L-Max

Top Pick The latest Leapster—the L-Max—is a winner...
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Toy Review: Alphabet Classroom

Every child needs to make acquaintance with the 26 letters of the alphabet, and this electronic toy from Vtech offers an original method to help kids do just that... 
Alphabet Classroom Toy Review

Smart Toys

Smart Toys - Neurosmith Educational Toys

Innovative electronic toys that insist kids think as they play. We take a look at a unique company, Neurosmith, and their latest (and classic) product offerings. Musini, Phonics Tiles, Sunshine Symphony, and more.
Smart Toys Article

Toy Review: Voice Activated NeoPets

Any child who has spent some time in the Neopets community at will love holding a replica of the virtual pets in their hands! A new line of voice-activated pets have arrived, and they're really quite adorable... 
Neopets Toy Review

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Article: Dollhouse Comparisons

Dollhouses can be ideal mediums for encouraging imaginative play, verbal and non-verbal self-expression, social skills, and more. We compare a number of options, including My Dollhouse, Loving Family Dollhouse, Hello Kitty, and more solid choices. 
Children's Dollhouses

Toy Review: My First LeapPad

This toy, based on the very popular LeapPad interactive book system, is designed for even younger kids. The books are a little smaller, and they open up and down rather than left to right... 
My First LeapPad Review

Toy Review:LeapFrog's Count and Learn Desk

Top Pick This educational electronic toy from LeapFrog is inviting to play, and as educational as it is fun. Besides helping children identify numbers 1-20, the toy encourages them to try to learn how to write them...
 Count & Learn Desk Toy Review

Art Corner:

Klutz Kits for Kids

The idea behind Klutz books and kits is simple: their products are designed for the artistically uninitiated, so they are easy to do. Still, their appeal is wide--kids and adults of all ages and abilities love these sets! Klutz products are inspirational--they generally encourage kids to ... 
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