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Software Review:

Review: Gary Gadget: Building Cars CD-ROM

Creative experimentation is what sets this game for aspiring young mechanics apart...
Gary Gadget Building Cars Review


Children's Handheld: Leapster L-Max

Top Pick. The latest Leapster--the L-Max--is a winner...
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LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory

With this unusually engaging video/DVD, LeapFrog Talking Words Factory, kids learn to build basic words using phonics ...
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Software: Flash Action: Phonics Made Easy

This title is so fresh. Children will have a great time working through the electronic "flashcards" in Flash Action: Phonics Made Easy. Ideal for first and second-graders, this easy to use software brings phonics alive with color, smart exercises, and unique games. The price is right too!...
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More Computer Game Reviews for Kids Ages 5-8:

JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee

Frankie the Dog is ready to help kids practice spelling with 3 arcade activities. Part of a new "Study Helpers" line, JumpStart Study Helpers: Spelling Bee not only contains 1700 pre-programmed spelling words, it's customizable...
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Putt Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise 

Take a peek at the latest Putt Putt software game for children ages 3-7...
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Feature Article:

Learning on the GoLearning on the Go

We take a look at portable electronic toys that actually teach and reinforce fundamental curriculum. The excellent Quantum Pad, iQuest, and...
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Amazon's Holiday Toy List

DVD/Video Review:

Leap Frog: Math Circus DVD

Top Pick. This video/DVD is highly "edutaining", with powerful demonstrations of early math and counting skills...
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Gift Guides:

Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 5 to 8

We've selected some wonderful gift ideas for early elementary age children, including toys, creativity kits, software, and more..
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Software Reviews:

Music Ace Deluxe

Top Pick. Adorable singing notes, sound lessons, and fun games enliven this outstanding music program for kids. Beginning and intermediate music students will benefit from this well-paced, rich learning experience on CD-ROM...
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Software: Barbie Beauty Boutique

This latest Barbie fashion CD-ROM is the best of the bunch... 
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Software: Math Missions Grades K-2

Top Pick. This new Scholastic CD-ROM earned a rating of A+. Found out why we love this children's math program ...
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Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster

Children's software really needed a title like this one. Although slow moving at times, its system is quite effective and the story very charming...
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First Rate Software for First Graders

Curriculum-based software tirles for children in first grade are plentiful. Which ones make the grade?...
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Electronic Workbooks

Most parents have purchased at least one workbook for their children with at-home skills practice in mind. And, many are familiar with School Zone's colorful and age-appropriate workbooks. These excellent workbooks have made the leap to the computer screen...
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Book Review: The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat (An I Can Read Book)

Once kids can sound out simple words and know some sight words, you'll want to keep the momentum going and offer some simple books that will help build confidence and gently challenge...
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I Can Draw Animals

This 32-page paperback from the Usborne Playtime series is simple and fun. Designed for young children, I Can Draw Animals gives step-by-step instructions...
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