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Parents' Guide to Children's Products for Fun & Learning

Fun & Learning: Activities with Kids: Recipes, Crafts, and Family Projects


Here is our collection of family activities, recipes, and projects for fun and learning with children:

Recipes for Homemade Play Dough We offer two recipes for making playdough (clay) at home: one superior long-lasting dough, and another quick and basic recipe for play dough.

Recipes for Homemade Clay (for Baking) Kids can create miniature sculptures, holiday decorations, and more, with this easy to make homemade clay.

Teaching Kids the Alphabet This article discusses some activities and products most recommended for teaching kids to distinguish the distinct shapes of each and every letter of the alphabet.

Recipe for Quick Sugar Cookies (No Chilling!) Letting kids cut out cookies with cookie cutters—whether the cutters are alphabet or other shapes—is a fun activity. This quick and easy recipe doesn't require chilling (so there's no waiting), and not only makes delicious cookies, but it also produces cookies that retain their original form and are quite solid.

Inexpensive Toddler Toys Turn your trash into toddler toys with these tips!

Creating a Learning-Rich Home Learning Environment It's easy and inexpensive to create a home environment that is rich with educational opportunities for your young children. Children learn through play, and learning is best when all of a child's senses are stimulated.

Reading Activities: Develop Children's Reading Skills A collection of everyday activities designed to promote and develop children's reading skills.

Fun & Learning with Kids: Digital Cameras, Photography, and Kids! It's considerably easier to get creative with digital cameras, although "old-fashioned" cameras will do the trick as well. When children have control of a camera, they learn to look at the world just a little differently--they notice patterns where they didn't before, they think about everyday objects with a fresh perspective, and they develop their confidence in their own creativity. Here we present some ideas for turning photography into a creative, learning experience for kids.

Focus for Kids: Games & Activities to Improve Your Child's Concentration A collection of simple activities that help kids develop their ability to focus and concentrate--necessary skills for cross-curricular learning.

10 Ways to Raise a Child with High Emotional Intelligence A helpful parenting article designed to provide ideas for developing a child's emotional intelligence or EQ.

The Junior Collector: Cool Kids' Hobby Encouraging children to have collections, whether they are stamp, cards, rock, or other such collections, has its benefits.

Little Letters or Big Words: Using the Alphabet as a Pathway to Speech Encouraging children to speak may be facilitated by teaching them the letters of the alphabet. Here's how to get started.

Winter Activities for Kids Here are six fun activities for children that involve snow.

Yoga for Kids: Can Children Benefit from early Yoga Training? Benefits of yoga for children, including top DVDs for learning yoga postures at home with kids.

Activities with Kids: Host an Easter Party for Children Easter activities for preschool-age children.

Activities with Kids: Rainy Day Activities: Creativity Day! When kids are housebound, don't let the rain cancel fun with these suggested activities.

Make Your Own Baby Videos While there are plenty of fun baby videos available for purchase, those families with the time and inclination (and a camcorder!) might consider taking on a very creative and exciting family project: making their very own, homemade and personalized baby video.