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Choose the Best Tablet for Kids


Review Roundup: Choosing the Best Kids' Tablet

We show you our favorite choices for children's tablets...
Guide to Children's Tablets


Review: Go, Diego, Go! Wolf Pup Rescue

Fans of Diego (and Dora) will whiz through this software game designed for young computer users...
Diego Software Review

Building Cars Software

Review: Gary Gadget: Building Cars CD-ROM

Creative experimentation is what sets this game for aspiring young mechanics apart...
Gary Gadget Building Cars Review

Feature Review

Educational Software Review: Reader Rabbit Reading Early Learning System

Reader Rabbit ReadingAlthough it's educationally sound, this new Reader Rabbit Reading title is too challenging for the suggested age group, and it lacks pizzazz...
Reader Rabbit Reading Review

Feature Review

Computer Game Review: Dora the Explorer: Fairytale Adventure

Dora the ExplorerThis is the best Dora the Explorer computer game to date...
Dora Fairytale Adventure Review

Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster 2

Learn to Play Chess Computer Game

 This educational software game is fun, featuring 21 arcade-style mini games that reinforce chess concepts introduced in the story line...
Learn to Play Chess 2 Review

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Software:Math Missions Grades 3-5

Top Pick. Another winning all-new CD-ROM from Scholastic gives children a very entertaining workout in real-world math skills...
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Software: Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

Featuring Hallmark-brand greeting cards, fonts, and more, this deluxe program will please those looking for a greeting card software program with good-quality templates. Plus, the program does more--stationery, stickers, invitations, photo-editing, and so forth...
Hallmark Card Studio Dlx Review  Also,Hallmark Card Studio 3

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Software: Math Missions Grades K-2

Top Pick. This new Scholastic CD-ROM earned a rating of A+. Found out why we love this children's math program ...
Math Missions K-2 Review

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At Edutaining Kids, we review and rate children's software and computer games for their effectiveness in educating, entertaining, and engaging children.

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Feature Software Review:

Spanish SoftwareEazySpeak Spanish

In the wacky cartoon world of Doki, children and adults learn Spanish intuitively as they visit different parts of the Doki city. At the supermarket, they boost their vocabulary words in Spanish as a cashier names each product on the belt. Users order dinner step by step...
Eazy Speak Spanish Review

Best Children's Software

Guide to: Software Bargains

Our Software Bargains page lists the latest software specials we've found online.
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Software: Hearing Music

Hearing Music Computer Game ReviewSubtitled "The game that teaches you how to listen", Hearing Music offers four types of activities that focus on listening skills...
Hearing Music Review 

Software: The Wiggles: Wiggly Party

The latest software starring The Wiggles, The Wiggles: Wiggly Party, is not nearly as infectious as the popular television show...
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Software Articles:

We compare foreign language software titles available for kids...
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Software Game: Zoo Tycoon 2

With Zoo Tycoon 2, players can build, manage, and maintain their very own zoo in 3D, complete with realistic animals that act like their real-world counterparts, exhibits, lush habitats and landscaping, guest attractions, and more....
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Software: Strawberry Shortcake: The Amazing Cookie Party

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake has made a comeback. This new computer game starring the adorable doll and friends features gorgeous eye "candy" and some clever activities, but it suffers from a lack of variety and some confusing elements...
Strawberry Shortcake Game Review


Petz: Catz & DogzPetz: Catz 5 & Dogz 5

Perfect for rainy summer days, Petz is pure fun for little ones...
Petz Review

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Movie PC GameReview: Spongebob Squarepants Movie PC Game

This adventure-style game is slow-moving at times, but rather satisfying. See our review of the game, as well as game hints & help, and more screenshots...
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