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Article:    Activities with Kids: Easter Activities: How to Host an Easter Preschool Party

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Host an Easter Party for Preschool-age Children

A preschool Easter party or springtime party is normally the last party of the school year. It is also one of the last chances for the parents and kids to get together for a fun time. Here are some ideas to make your preschool Easter or spring party entertaining and fun for all.

Enlist the help of all the parents. Put one parent in charge of the Easter or springtime games. Put another preschool parent in charge of the snack. Ask the parents if they have any good Easter stories that they would like to read.

Games: A preschool Easter or spring party would not be complete without some games. An egg passing game works well with the younger kids and helps with coordination. All you need are two plastic eggs, some construction paper, and two teaspoons. Cut out a small white circle and a smaller yellow circle to look like the inside of an egg. Place each one inside the plastic eggs.

To play the egg passing game, line the preschoolers up into two teams. Have them pass the egg using only the spoon and not touching the egg. If the egg falls and cracks open then it has to go back to the beginning of the line.

You can also have the children stand in a circle and pass the egg around. Whoever drops the egg is out until you have one winner. Another way to play this Easter party game is similar to musical chairs. Play or sing Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail, when the music ends, the one with the egg gets a jelly bean.

Egg hunts are always popular at preschool Easter parties. Again, you will need plastic eggs and a bag of jelly beans or small candy. You need a place to hide the eggs where the kids will not see you. If this is not an option, give the preschoolers a bathroom break with a couple of the parents. This should give you between five and ten minutes to hide the eggs.

Craft: Since a preschool Easter or spring party is towards the end of the school year a memorable craft may be in order. Ask the preschool teacher if it would be alright to come in one day before the party and take a class picture. Print out enough pictures for every preschooler plus an extra one for the teacher.

You can purchase magnetic foam picture frames at a craft store or you can construct your own picture frame from construction paper. For this picture frame you will need construction paper, glue, Easter grass, and strip magnets.

Cut out the construction paper in advance so that all the preschoolers have to do is glue the project together. Cut out the pieces to make a basket that is big enough to frame in the picture. Cut vertical slits in the base of the basket to weave strips of paper to give the basket a wicker appearance. Cut a rectangle in the center of the basket big enough so that the picture will show through. With different colored construction paper cut out egg shapes, flower petals, stems, leaves, and even bunnies. The preschoolers can pick and choose what they would like to put in their baskets. Have them glue some Easter grass to the top and the picture to the back so that it is framed by the basket. Lastly, glue a magnet so that the springtime craft can be displayed.

Snack: You can combine the snack with a craft. Bake enough sugar cut-out cookies so that each child gets two. You can buy the icing in a can and some Easter or pastel sprinkles. Have the kids decorate the cookie that they want to eat. [See our easy recipe for sugar dough here]

Story: If you do not have any short Easter stories, you can ask if any of the other parents would mind bringing in a couple of books to read. An enjoyable Easter book is The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing. The kids can look for the Easter eggs hidden in the pictures. Avoid, at all costs, any book that makes noise. You will have preschoolers pushing each other to get at those little buttons.

Enlist the help and talents of the other parents to make your preschool Easter or spring party memorable. If they cannot be present at the Easter party, they might be able to send in plates or juice boxes. Splitting up the Easter party responsibilities will help make the last preschool party of the year fun for both the kids and the adults.


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