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Children's Toy/Game Review:

Leapfrog Baby: Learning Connections Train

Toy/Game Review: Learning Connections Train


By Leapfrog

Our Recommended Age: 9-24 months

Our Rating: B+

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This colorful learning train is battery-operated but hand-driven. Familiar frog Leap is the conductor of the detachable Learning Connections Train from the Leap Frog Baby line.

This toy is designed to teach children numbers, counting, and colors, as well as size relationships. The five detachable train cars are graduated in size, each featuring a different color, numeral, and set of objects. When children attach a train car, the color or associated number is named. Kids press on Conductor Leap to hear a song. Different modes of play are featured. For example, in color mode, if children hook up the yellow car, they hear "yellow car" and quacking ducks. In numbers mode, they hear "3 ducks, ready to go!" The train cars can also be stacked in graduated order.

We expected the train to move on its own, simply because it's an electronic toy, but kids need to push it around themselves. The result is actually refreshing--a toy that mixes technology with good old-fashioned fun.


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Reviewed: November 2005

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