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The gates open to the spooky mansion, and once inside, the front door is sealed. Kids need to find a way out. 

Players must solve riddles that are read aloud, by finding specific objects on the screen.



This is the kitchen. Once the objects are found, Skeleton (the host of the game) offers a puzzle piece.


The riddle activities must be found by clicking around different rooms in the mansion.



This activity involves clicking on objects that go together, and is called "Creepy Collections".


Each puzzle piece earned is placed here, and a riddle reveals how to get out of the mansion.


The way out is revealed! It's Skeleton's room, and kids can get out of the mansion here. Once outside, they are invited back in on a new adventure.


In the second and third adventures, most of the riddle activities are the same, but the riddles (and objects to find) are different.


The third (and final) time through, kids earn missing parts to Skeleton's broken Ghost Machine.



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I Spy: Spooky Mansion Deluxe


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