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This is the main screen of I Spy Fantasy. From this screen, kids can set off to any of three main adventure areas. 


This is one of the riddles found in the Deep Blue Sea Adventure area. Children look for items, such as a butterfly or lemon, and when they click on the correct item, the words associated with the object are highlighted.


Once all objects have been uncovered in a particular riddle screen, an object is earned. In this case, a page from the Mermaid's book.


This is the Sandcastle Adventure, where kids earn six keys to unlock the dungeon gate, where a princess has been taken prisoner...


...and they earn the keys by solving riddle screens such as the one above. This one is a rich tapestry, and objects, such as bells and a pail, are hidden in the scene.


The third riddle area is the Blast Off Adventure area, pictured above. Kids need to earn six fuel crystals by solving the six riddle screens in the area.

This fun riddle is found in the laboratory. Some of the items are in obvious places (such as "the biggest eye"), others are well hidden, and others take a little thinking (like "a third that's blue").


This lavish screen hides many little treasures. One example: kids need to find "two threes". They need to click on the number 3 on the ruler as well as on the die that shows three dots on its face. 


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I Spy Fantasy


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For Windows/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 5-8 Published: 2003


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