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The Ham-Hams have a big problem: Penelope wandered off into Boss' new tunnel, and Snoozer is fast asleep at the tunnel's entrance. How will they move Snoozer to rescue Penelope? Each Ham-Ham has an idea, and children can help them achieve their individual goals by participating in activities.



Bijou's ribbon idea requires some spelling practice. She needs to get ribbons from birds' nests, and kids spell words so that Bijou can snatch the ribbons!


The ribbons don't do the trick, but Panda has his own plan. He wants to build a contraption, but he needs players' help matching wooden tiles.



Yet another plan: Dexter thinks butterflies will help lift Snoozer from his sleeping spot. Children must match shapes and fractions. There is some confusion here: kid testers had a hard time figuring out whether the shaded or white areas represented the fractions!


Boss' tunnel activity is clever. Children build tunnels by associating pictures. At first, they need only match pictures of animals. Later, they must associate animals with things like habitats and even prey. Cute!


Children collect flowers as they play the activities. At any time during the adventure, they can plant them in Pashmina's garden.


Oompah! Mission accomplished, but only after the Ham-Hams work as a team, using each Ham-Ham's idea together.


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Hamtaro: Wake Up Snoozer!


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