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After signing in, kids select any of four activities. This one allows them to choose basic designs. Although very pretty, the choices are somewhat limited. At the stables, kids can choose a horse to decorate. The stables are decorated just so--exactly as players selected in the design shop.



Inside the stables, Princess Aurora greets and instructs kids. This is Starwish, a pure white horse in need of decorating!


Decorating choices appear after children click on the areas of the horse that can be decorated. They can save favorite designs by clicking on the horseshoes.



Voila! The horse is prettied up, and although he walks out of the stable naked again, the fancy horse does appear in the show later on in the game.


Designing isn't all this game is about. Kids get to ride their chosen horse along different courses. They are given an overview of the course, like the one above, before they ride.


As children ride their horse, they see the course from the vantage point of a rider! A little bluebird chirps when it's time to jump.


Ah...success! Kids collect medals and horseshoes as they complete courses, and their horse appears decked out in the very garb they selected in the stables.


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Disney Princess Royal Horse Show


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