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Barbie Ocean: Barbie, in her role as a marine biologist, finds a piece of a treasure map in an old book.


Barbie Ocean: Barbie is all "decked" out, telling Ken of her plans to search for underwater treasure.
Barbie Computer Game Pictures
Barbie Ocean: During her underwater adventure, Barbie can communicate with Ken via her video watch.


Barbie Magic Hair Styler: Testers gave Barbie a braid and accessorized her for her job as a nurse.
Barbie Computer Game Pictures Barbie Computer Game Pictures
Barbie Magic Hair Styler: Once Barbie was all "dolled" up, a short video showed her setting out for work.


Barbie Magic Hair Styler: Kids got Christie ready for her wedding day in the salon.


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For Windows By: Vivendi  Ages 3-7 Published: 2002


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