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Namco TV Games: Ms. Pacman 7-in-1 Wireless

Toy/Game Review: Namco II: TV Games featuring Ms. Pacman


By Jakks

Our Recommended Age: 8-up

Our Rating: A

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We gave the first version of the Ms. Pacman suite of TV games a "C" rating primarily for two reasons: the frustrating controls and the inability to save high scores. Well, this new wireless version of the game is essentially the same...but the two problems we had have been fixed. The controls are tight and now high scores are saved after the unit is turned off. The game is wireless as well. It works!

The over-sensitivity of the the 8-way controller in the first version of Ms. Pacman TV games (the wired version) was its biggest problem. This wireless version solves that problem. It's 4-way, and although you can't perform the quick back-and-forth movements that the first version of the product allowed you to do, the control offered by Wireless Ms. Pacman is well worth it. We love the set--it's a blast from the past for adults and great fun for kids as well.

Remember that this unit is essentially the same game with improved controls, the ability to save the highest score, and a chunky but comfortable wireless remote. The game is rendered well, with all of the authentic (neurotic) sound effects and music.

We love the convenience of the Jakks Pacific TV Games. Although they are battery-operated, turning off the unit in between games saves batteries, and set-up is easy. Note that the wireless version requires two sets of 4-AA batteries - one set for the base and one set for the remote.

The other games are: Galaga, Pole Position, Xevious, Mappy, Rally X, and Bosconian (the latter two are newly added). With the exception of Pole Position which has a steep learning curve (uses a joystick, of course, instead of the original steering wheel), these games play well. Galaga is an excellent translation of the original arcade game.

Pros: Excellent conversion of games in terms of graphics and audio, and now, controls. High score saved while unit is off. Cons: Battery-operated; no two-player mode.

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Reviewed: September 2005

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