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Article:    The Latest Books by Todd Parr

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Todd Parr has a special way of sending kids "feel-good" vibes in a playful, unforced manner, and his latest titles are just as fantastic and fun as such earlier books as It's Okay to Be Different and The Feelings Book

Parr's books feature bold, colorful, and happy illustrations as well as little stories that make kids feel warm, hopeful, and included. They also make kids think. 

The Feel Good Book 

coverIt gets kids feeling good to be reminded of all the things that can make people happy, like giving a great big hug, waiting for the tooth fairy, and even crying when they're sad! The Feel Good Book is filled with silliness ("It feels good to make sounds like a monkey") and positive, unforced reminders about the rewards of thoughtfulness ("It feels good giving somebody something special"). This over-sized book is sure to please, and it ends with Parr's personal message to kids that provides some bite-sized food for thought.

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coverA new character, Otto the dog, is the star of the two latest Todd Parr books. In both books, Otto deals with common problems that young children face. In Otto Goes to Bed, Otto is lamenting all of the things he'd rather be doing than going to bed, but discovers that the best way to deal with that problem is to dream about all the things he'd like to do but can't do in real life.  Otto is lonely and having a rough day in Otto Goes to the Beach, but he does find a special friend in the end.

The back of the books tell us that Otto is inspired by Parr's own dog, Bully. When one of my cover children wondered aloud about why he didn't use the name, it got the kids laughing and discussing marketing do's and don'ts! Fun stuff. 

Both Otto books end with a personal message from the author and Otto, offering kids a moral of the story in a warm and non-condescending manner. Preschoolers will fall in love with Otto.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Otto Goes to Bed and Otto Goes to the Beach (hardcover) at]

Todd Parr books are published by Little, Brown and Company, an AOL Time Warner Book Group Company. You can visit the Time Warner Bookmark web site for more information. Be sure to visit the Children's Book Nook section of the site.


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