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News:    The Latest Barbie Software & Games 

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There are more Barbie software games on the horizon. Here is a sneak peek at some of the games, by Vivendi Universal, that you can expect to see in September 2002.

Barbie as Rapunzel CD-ROM: A Creative Adventure is now available. Kids embark on eight magical adventures through a castle, in search of missing gems to bring Prince Charming back to life after he has been turned to stone. The activities focus on creativity--redecorating the castle, dress-up, creating murals, and more. See our screenshot gallery of the game.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Barbie As Rapunzel at]

Barbie Sparkling Ice Show CD-ROM is also planned to be released this fall. Children will create ice skating presentations--complete with routines, fancy costumes, and music--for each stop on an international tour. Kids will have the option to play the game in free-play mode or take Barbie and friends through the complete international tour. 

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Barbie Sparkling Ice Show at]


Kelly Club Pet Parade CD-ROM will takes kids on an imaginative adventure in which Kelly and club friends imagine their plush pets are real. They help prepare for a pet parade through a series of activities--decorating floats for the parade, teaching the pets neat tricks, dressing up the pets in costumes, and more. This activity center CD-ROM is now available, and we have a full review of the game and a screenshot gallery

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Kelly Club Pet Parade at]


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Barbie - Ballerina
Barbie - Ballerina
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