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Brands & Trends:    My Little Pony

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My Little Pony

Fans of My Little Pony will be pleased to hear that the property has returned as a popular brand with little girls, and new products are being released this year.

Since last fall, more than four million ponies and over three million books featuring the pastel ponies have reached the U.S. marketplace alone. This year, there is even more to look forward to as the My Little Pony brand celebrates a new theme - FRIENDSHIP BALL. Little girls will enjoy these new pony adventures with an in-pack video being distributed worldwide. The MY LITTLE PONY story will also be told through the successful and growing publishing program. This year, Simon & Schuster, Hemma, The Five Mile Press and Egmont Books will work with Hasbro Properties Group to bring publishing to multiple countries and more than double the number of titles released.

Additional licensees for the brand in 2004 include Atari, Cohen & Wilks, American Greetings, pending contract, and Fruit of the Loom, to name a few. In spring 2005, look for a promotion with a major restaurant chain.

Available Now:

My Little Pony was released on software some years ago, but the CD-ROM was discontinued. My Little Pony PC Play Pack is a new software game available now. We have a review of the game here: My Little Pony PC Play Pack review. To buy: My Little Pony Play Pack.

MY LITTLE PONY TWINKLE TWIRL’s DANCE STUDIO is one of the latest playsets by Hasbro from the license. All the ponies are practicing their dance moves in preparation for the Friendship Ball at TWINKLE TWIRL’s DANCE STUDIO. Twinkle Twirl is included and spins to music and lights on the playset’s rotating dance floor! Ages 3-up.


coverMy Little Pony: Tiny Tins Gift Set of 6 Ponies: Minty, Pinky Pie, Sparkle Works, Rainbow Dash, Sunny Daze & Sweet Berry Smaller versions of favorite toys are always a hit with little girls! These collectible ponies come in their very own little "homes"--tiny tins complete with images of each pony. The ponies themselves have moveable heads, are pocket-sized, and as sparkling and colorful as they come. This set is sure to please little fans. 

coverMy Little Pony - So Soft Huggable Baby Pony - Pink Rose Blossom with Bottle, Diaper, Carrier & Brush is a treat for children who love ponies and baby dolls. This battery-operated toy is soft and cuddly and ready for tender loving care. Pink Rose Blossom giggles when kids press her foot, makes slurping sounds when kids bottle-feed her, and yawns when she's about to fall asleep. The toy's automatic shut-off feature is helpful, and the pony turns back on again when kids pick her up again.

coverMy Little Pony Game is a very simple board game that serves as a good introduction to turn-taking, colors, and counting. Board games have educational value (listening skills, counting, taking turns) whether or not they feature explicit learning activities. This one might inspire young My Little Pony fans (ages 3-4) to learn the basic concepts of game playing. The game plays rather quickly, featuring a color spinner, cards, and pony game pieces. 



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