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Five colorful atoms of energy star in the intriguing PBS series for young children, Boohbah. The show is designed to encourage movement, imitation, and academic skills, and, not surprisingly, comes from the creators of the Teletubbies.

Each Boohbah character is differentiated by its color: Humbah is yellow, Zumbah is purple, Zing Zing Zingbah is orange, Jumbah is blue, and Jingbah is pink. 

The Boohbahs live in a large ball of light, called the Boohball. The Boohball is summoned by children, and it travels to kids all over the world. Laughter of children provides energy to the Boohbahs, who "recharge" in their respective pods within the Boohball. 

Two-dimensional characters, called StoryPeople, are available for children to create stories with, and include Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Mrs. Lady, Mr. Man, Brother, Sister, Auntie, and Little Dog Fido. The StoryPeople come to live-action life, and they receive an item, such as a hammock, a pile of balls, or a record player, and interact with the item in hilarious ways. This portion of the show is live-action, and includes silly antics that make kids laugh. The episodes begin with an energetic Boohbah warm-up that is sure to get little viewers laughing, or at least amused, from the start. 

Boohbahs don't speak, yet they "say" a lot about getting up off the couch and enjoying life. Other educational aspects of the series include problem-solving, science, and early mathematics. Some parents will enjoy the fact that there are few words in the show, and welcome it as an opportunity to talk to their kids about what they are experiencing.

Some find the series bizarre, and the hype around the show certainly reminds me of the buzz that often surrounded the Teletubbies. Boohbah are funny creatures with bobbing baby heads, and for all their activity, they're really quite pudgy! However, kids truly love the show. The colors are vibrant, the slapstick-style antics of the Storypeople are hilarious, and the energy of the characters (including the funky dance numbers) is infectious.

Boohbah Videos/DVDs

Licensed Boohbah merchandise is now available, including videos and DVDs: Boohbah Comfy Chair and Boohbah Squeaky Socks.

Boohbah - Squeaky Socks Brother and Sister find some squeaky socks in one episode, Auntie works with a pot of paint in another, and Grandpappa acquires a hammock in the third episode. Of course, in each episode, the Boohbah hop, dance, and leap to infectious beats.

Boohbah - Comfy Armchair Grandmamma finds a record and the StoryPeople explore the record player in one episode, Grandpappa tries to sit in a comfy armchair but has a hard time enjoying the piece of furniture before Fido the dog does, and the Storypeople all try to enjoy Sister's new skipping rope in another.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Boohbah - Squeaky Socks (VHS) or Boohbah - Squeaky Socks (DVD); Boohbah - Comfy Armchair (VHS) or Boohbah - Comfy Armchair (DVD) at]

In Canada, Boohbah Squeaky Socks (VHS) or Boohbah: Squeaky Socks (DVD); Boohbah Comfy Armchair (VHS) or Boohbah: Comfy Armchair (DVD) at]


The Latest Boohbah Video/DVD

Boohbah:Snowman The Boohbah do an In and Out dance, a jumping Bungee dance, and funny folding in the three featured episodes on this video and DVD. The StoryPeople discover snowballs, a jack-in-the-box, and a space rocket.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Boohbah:Snowman (VHS) or Boohbah:Snowman at]


Boohbah Software


The Boohbahs have come to the computer with The Boohbah Zone by Brighter Child Interactive. Problem-solving, patterns, and more are featured in the program's colorful activities, based on the PBS Kids' new television series from the creators of the Teletubbies. 

With this CD-ROM, preschool-age kids color gifts and design gift wrap, direct the Boohbah in dances and exercise routines, play memory games, and more. One of the fantastic features of this title is that kids can choose any of 3 languages (French, English, or Spanish) to play the game. All are included on one CD-ROM. See our full review of Boohbah: The Boohbah Zone.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: The Boohbah Zone at]


Boohbah Toys

Boohbah: Silly Sound Boobah Humbah (Yellow)

These cute little plushies run on 2 AA batteries and respond to a child's squeeze of the belly with whimsical sounds. These are smaller than the dancing Boohbah toys, below, less expensive, and possibly more satisfying for little fans of the show. All characters available:

Boohbah: Silly Sound Boohbah Zumbah (Purple)
Boohbah: Silly Sound Boohbah Zing Zingbah (Orange)
Boohbah:Silly Sound Boobah Jingbah (Fushia)
Boohbah:Silly Sound Boobah Jumbah (Blue)



Boohbah: Dancin Zing Zingbah (Orange)

The Dancing Boohbah plushies are cute, but a little noisy. The Boohbah ragdoll wiggles his belly and moves his arms and legs along to any of 6 different songs. Kids will likely be satisfied with the Silly Sound Boohbah dolls above, but these ones are bigger and perhaps a little more "novel".



See also: Boohbah Books

Boohbah Games

A surreal set of Flash activities featuring the Boohbah can be found at Boohbah Zone.

More Boohbah online games can be found at the PBS Boohbah site, such as matching games and a kaleidoscope.



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