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Article:    Books for Children Just Taking Off in Reading 


Once kids can sound out simple words and know some sight words, you'll want to keep the momentum going and offer some simple books that will help build confidence and gently challenge them. Of course, children learn to read in different ways--some are most inspired by books whose illustrations give them strong clues for what the text will be, for example. Good books for this period incorporate some rhyme and contain phrases that are repeated often.  

Top Picks for Budding Readers<

Top Pick The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat is a favorite for this stage in reading development. The reading level is rather simple, but the story is longer than beginning readers like Bob Books. This one stands out because its humor and developing story line makes it a joy to read. It appeals to both boys and girls, uses rhymes and repeated phrases to help build confidence in young readers, and contains attractive illustrations. Children will be more than satisfied once they've read the whole book, and it's sure to be read many times over. [Read our review; Buy The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat : Level 1 (An... at (the paperback version is approximately $4 US]

Top Pick Go Dog Go! is a classic story that has been around for years. Budding readers will have a great time with it, and their parents will enjoy it too! Key phrases are repeated just enough times to build confidence in budding readers Go, Dog, Go! without boring them. The text mixes easy words like "dog" and "big" with common sight words. Best of all, it is a delightful, multi-topic story that is filled with humor, a bit of whimsy, and plenty of activity (as the title suggests). Colorful dogs demonstrate important early learning concepts like up/down, in/out, etc. And, a running story line, in which two dogs meet and one asks if the other likes her hat, is arguably the one most likely to bring a smile to a young child's face. Kids love it when the red dog frankly answers, "I do not like that hat", and are delighted when he finally does like the other dog's hat choice. This beginning reader is topnotch. [Read our review; Buy Go, Dog. Go! at (the hardcover is approximately $7 US]

Worth Reading 

Children who are not quite ready for books with too many pages or words on each page might try the Easy Words to Read series by Usborne. Ted in a Red Bed, for example, is a cute book with simple lines like, "Ted has a dream, he bobs down the stream". The books in this series contain some flaps for extra interest, and they feature adorable and playful illustrations. [Ted in a Red Bed (Easy Words to Read... at (the hardcover is approximately $7 US]

Kids who are ready for just a little more will enjoy the gentle series of Little Bear books. These are classic stories. The illustrations are not colorful and bold like many of the new readers, but the stories are written expertly for this age group. The first title in the series, Little Bear, contains a few stories in one book. Parents will enjoy helping their kids read these warm and loving titles. [Buy Little Bear at for approximately $4 US]











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