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More Screenshots:    Putt Putt Pep's Birthday Surprise

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Pep is sad because he has never had a birthday celebration. Putt Putt realizes that he doesn't even know Pep's date of birth, simply because he was a lost little puppy when he found him. 


The peppy purple car plans a surprise birthday party on the anniversary of the day Pep and Putt Putt met...which happens to be tomorrow! 


Mildred the Mail Truck will help Putt Putt! She will deliver invitations to the residents of Cartown, and she knows how to keep a secret!


Marvin the Magician is looking for his hat. He is just one of the cars around town that Putt Putt helps. 


Putt Putt meets up with an old friend...a carista who offers him Cartown's finest cocoa. This time around, he has some competition...another carista believes her Carbucks cocoa is the best too! 


Inside the dairy barn, Putt Putt needs to navigate a maze of cows in order to fill up three buckets of milk...just the right amount for Mrs. Goodbake who is handling the all-important birthday cake.

This mini-game requires some attention to detail. Children must fill up the egg cartons with the right color eggs. The eggs drop through the tunnels on an interesting contraption, and kids need to choose the right time to push the eggs into the cartons. 


There are five items needed for Pep's surprise birthday. None of these items is simply hanging around town, however. Kids need to perform multiple tasks in order to get each item. As they do, the items fill with color on the party bag.  

Once all of the five items are collected and earned, Putt Putt prepares for the surprise party as Pep sleeps... 

...and all of his Cartown friends appear at his door to take part in the festivities.  


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For Windows By: Atari  Ages 3-7 Published: 2003





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