How does the Nintendo Wii Fit measure up?


Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about the problems of obesity–and childhood obesity–in the news. With obesity on the rise, more and more people are aware of the benefits of exercise. But what of video games designed to get kids moving? Is it just hype? Well, some are, no doubt. We tend to get all worked up when a video game gets children out of the typical stupor and onto their feet. But a lot of games inspire only a small amount of movement. Not so with the Nintendo Wii Fit, which completely focuses on working out, without turning the process into a tedious lesson.

Getting enough exercise can be easier said than done. If your children tend to be sedentary and love video games, or if you are not a “going to the gym” type, the Nintendo Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii gaming system can certainly get you and your family started on the road to fitness, or at the very least, fitness and health awareness. The Wii Fit offers an interactive workout and is designed to make exercise a fun activity that anyone in the family can enjoy, no matter their level of fitness.  It’s also highly interactive and educational: it guides you through designing a workout program, tracking your progress and learning proper technique. Interestingly, the game made our testers aware of the importance of balance.

Using the Nintendo Wii Fit involves stepping  on its balance board, which reads body movements, measures weight and weight distribution, and the game offers feedback about these measures, as well as BMI and Wii “fitness age”. Players learn about their BMI, but do note that kids who are even slightly on the chubby side will find out that they are “at the risk of being obese” or worse. Players set fitness and weight goals, and the Wii Fit records progress as well as total hours and minutes of usage.

The Nintendo Wii Fit is designed to be a fitness and educational tool, but it’s also designed to be pleasurable. Families perform aerobics, strength training, learn yoga moves, play balance games, and more. Weight measurements can be password-protected if desired. Scores in various activities are recorded and lists of top scores are provided. Players jog, play goalie, walk a tightrope, play with hula hoops, go skiing, learn and perform yoga poses, and a whole lot more.


If you are ready to make fun and fitness a permanent part of your life, then getting a Nintendo Wii Fit is one easy way to get started. Work. School. Bills. Housework. With all of the things you have to do each day, it’s easy to forget that you need to make time for exercise in your life.

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