Wii Fit Plus—Everyone’s Entertainment

Is this unique game system and fitness-oriented game for you?

The Nintendo Wii game system has exploded in popularity since its introduction. The novel idea of moving your whole body to play instead of just your hands on a controller fired people’s imagination. The Wii Fit Plus game has only increased that popularity, attracting a wide audience from all ages. The game has something for everyone, increasing fitness through soothing yoga poses, body strengthening positions, fun aerobic activities, and balance games.

The basic concept of the game is to increase fitness through better balance and toning. The great thing about this game is that it doesn’t emphasize physical beauty as a goal, but rather health and strength of body. The game allows a person to choose their own fitness goals and length of time to reach those goals, guiding and encouraging the player on the best path to a healthy body. The Wii system allows the player to create their own Wii person or Wii Mii, recording their progress in each game. Wii Fit offers a body test each day which includes weight, BMI, balance tests, and Fitness Age (calculated from your real age and results of your tests), plus a calendar and graph to record your own Wii Mii’s progress.

The game is played by standing on a pressure sensitive board, which responds to movements according to each person’s specific weight. The only activities that do not use the board are the running activities under the aerobic section. For these, the system records the up and down movements of the Wii hand controller, which the runner either carries or secures in/on clothes. In the yoga and strength training sections, there are fifteen poses each and in the aerobic and balance game sections, there are nine activities each. The game starts the player off easy with beginner levels and only a few poses and activities available. As the player progresses and improves, the game rewards the gamer by unlocking new poses or activities, and increasing the difficulty.

Although this game has a nice variety and range of activities, it’s not for people who are deeply into exercise, like fitness buffs, athletes, or body builders. This game is for people who need more exercise in their lives and thrive on structure and encouragement in their fitness regime. But the range of activities ensures that players of all ages will find this game engaging. From centering with yoga to fun with balance games, Wii Fit Plus is a great game that everyone will find entertaining.