Pranks, Parties, and Pretend: Sims 3 – Generations

Sim lovers, it is time to get excited. The mega minds at EA Games have come up with yet another expansion on the beloved game. The Sims 3 brought with it the ability for Sim children to grow into teenagers juggling part-time jobs, adults with children of their own, and finally elders with retirement on the brain. The Sim citizens were free to jump through age groups, but something was still missing. The teens obediently went to school and did their homework. Adults experienced the joys of parenthood without the slightest hint of stress. Elders refused to reminisce about the good old days. The Sims clearly lacked a sense of realistic roundness, but that glitch is about to be rectified, thanks to The Sims 3: Generations.

Kids say the darndest things, probably because their imaginations are running wild during this delicate age. Now your Sim children can exercise their creativity the way real children do. Enter the original childhood activity of make believe, complete with imaginary friends. Kids can pretend to be a princess or even an astronaut, and luckily for them, the castle or spaceship has evolved, too. Sim kids can be seen playing their games in the brand new tree house or the bunk beds they share with their siblings. If that is not enough, the kids also enjoy time spent at the playground, which boasts new equipment, such as a see-saw and sandbox. When the weather is beautiful, as it always is in the Simverse, kids can play on a waterslide in their backyard. Talk about an upgrade, kids lives are fuller than ever with all the places they can play in this expansion. The new features in childhood are fun and fairly harmless, though the same cannot be said for the new lives of teenagers, thanks to the expansion.

Since when have any teens you know monotonously, yet happily, gone on their merry way to school each morning, plopped down to start their homework in the afternoon, and gone to bed without a fight? Well, never, unless the only teenagers you know live in the Simverse. If the teens had really wanted to shake it up, they might have gotten a part-time job, which of course, they would excel at, given that their angelic lack of autonomy never let them skip a shift or steal from the cash register. Sim parents are in for a real treat with this new expansion pack. Pranks and holding house parties while their parents are away are key features during this age group. Look out if your teen inherits the new rebellious trait. You will be subject to pranks such as adding hair dye to the shampoo bottle and doorbell ditching. Though, it is not all bad. The creators of The Sims 3: Generations were aiming to really fill out the life experience, so they created fun, non-rebellious activities as well. Teens can ask their peers to the prom, attend school dances and after quick four years of hard work, bask in the glory of their high school graduation. Sim parents also have the pleasure of teaching their growing children how to drive, which is sure to be a good time.

Adults also get to enjoy some new features in this game, other than watching over their suddenly naughty children. Adulthood focuses on relationships with others and family. Dating is back and adults have the opportunity to nervously ask out their neighborhood crush. If they decide to tie the knot, no longer are they forced to walk down the aisle without a final bang. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are options for the spouses-to-be, complete with an entertainer to keep the good times rolling.  Speaking of good times, adults have new places to get their woohoo on, such as the tree house and the shower. No word yet on the entrance of a therapist, should the children be in the mood for a game of pretend in the tree house, when Mom and Dad are in the mood for something else.

Elders now do more than hang out at home post-retirement. In this latest installment, they reminisce about the golden days and watch as their children become parents. Elders particularly enjoy watching their grandchildren grow up, and if they are asked, they will be happy to share a bedtime story. That old stoop in their back is still there, but now elders can employ the use of a cane to alleviate their slow steps.

Each expansion pack manages to make the Sim’s life all the more realistic, but The Sims 3: Generations really packs a new game. Sims have the opportunity to live lives that are growing frighteningly similar to our own. Prom dates, daycare centers and bedtime stories give the game a brand new, yet familiar feeling. Look for The Sims 3: Generations, in stores, June 3, 2011.

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