The Playstation Portable (PSP) – What does it Offer?

The Playstation Portable or PSP is a popular handheld wireless device that comes with multiple capabilities. This clever system can be used to listen to music, listen to Internet radio, view photographs, and watch movies, news features, television, or videos. It offers easy access to the Internet through a wireless connection.

With the PSP, it’s easy to connect to the Web for any number of activities. You can access RSS feeds, obtain your instant messages, make phone calls with Skype™ and more. The Playstation website also provides easy access to free demos, movie trailers, and screenshots.

The PSP also offers access to a variety of free items downloadable from the Playstation website. This includes wallpaper, backgrounds, custom themes, and much more. All of these features allow you to personalize your PSP to portray your own personality.

You can preset the background color to change automatically on a monthly basis or you can change it manually whenever you want. If you have a special photograph of digital image that you like, you can easily use it for your wallpaper. Plus, changing the look of you icons is simple with the PSP.

Plus, the PSP can be used to connect to the Playstation website in order to download exclusive games. PSP game downloads provide everything avid gamers want- the information needed for game play, game trailers, game demos, and game audio. It is also possible to access your personal PS3™ System using your PSP device.

Parents will discover that the PSP offers exceptional parental control through a variety of features so they never have to worry about what the kids are doing. This system comes with rating features for games and for movies. Plus, it provides hardware settings for that parents can preset what their children can access on the Web. It is also possible to implement a password in order to initiate Internet browsing, limiting what the children can do on the PSP without a parent’s permission.

The Playstation website offers excellent support features that make it easy to use the PSP. Whether you are looking to download Skype or find out how to download games or access Internet radio, the website provides all you need to know. Certain additional equipment might be necessary such as headphones or remote controls. Why not take advantage of the wonders of today’s technology and get a PSP for yourself today?

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By Susan M Keenan ©2009

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