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How to Connect Your DSi to the Internet

Ever wanted to connect your DSi to the Internet? Well, after following the steps listed in this tutorial, you should be well on your way! First, you must check to make sure that your own or have access to the following devices: > A Nintendo DSi > A Wireless router > An Internet connection (Broadband is recommended, but a Dial-up connection will also work) By connecting your game system to the Internet, you’ll open up a whole new world for yourself. You’ll be able to play Wi-Fi enabled games against other players around the world, search the web, perform system updates, and much more. Setting up the system is actually quite easy, and only requires a few technical steps. This tutorial will be broken up into two sections, which covers setting up your DSi using the main menu or by using a Wi-Fi enabled game. Which ever method you choose will produce the same end result. Note: A lot of restaurants, hotels, and stores are now providing free Wi-Fi access, so if you are any of these places and can find a connection, go for it! Connecting your DSi (Regular method) 1. Power on your Nintendo DSi. 2. After the Health and Safety screen, you’ll be greeted by the DSi menu. 3. Find and select the “System Setings” icon. If you haven’t adjusted the order, it should be at the extreme left. 4. From here, press the over arrow 3 times (or tap the “3”) to navigate to the 3rd menu. Click on the “Internet” option. 5. Now, simply choose “Connection Settings”. 6. Select any connection that you would like to use (1-3). If it says “None”, then you can set up a new connection by tapping that option. 7. Select “Search for an Access Point”. 8. If there are any Wi-Fi connections within range, it will find the connection. Select the appropriate connection (most likely your router’s name) to connect. If your router uses a WEP key, then the DSi will prompt you to enter it. 9. It will then test the connection, checking for internet availability. 10. If everything goes right, then your connection will be confirmed and then you’ll be able to connect to the Internet from your DSi. Congratulations! Connecting your DSi (Wi-Fi game method) 1. Power on your Nintendo DSi. 2. After the Health and Safety screen, you’ll be greeted by the DSi menu. 3. Insert a Wi-Fi enabled game. Examples include Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Tetris DS, … 4. Within...

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