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Children's Video Game Review:

The Munchables Nintendo Wii

Video Game Review: The Munchables
Children's Video Game for Nintendo Wii

By Namco

Our Recommended Age: Ages 13-up

Released: 2007

Our Rating: A

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The Munchables, at first glance, looks like an average kidís game, but it has a quirky twist. Will that be enough to hold gamersí attention?

The cover is bright and bouncy, with cartoon cutout characters surrounded by fruits and vegetables. It seems like just another in a long line of mind-numbing, cookie cutter games aimed at little kids, but appearances can be deceiving. The Munchables is an easy action and platforming single or duo player game, but its wacky premise and sense of humor offset its simplicity.

The game story is set on another planet called Star Ving, where legendary orbs supply the inhabitants with endless food. The inhabitants, called Munchables, eat from sun up to sun down in happy munching peace until space pirates steal their orbs. The gameís characters, Chomper and Munchy, get very hungry without their food supply, and those thieving pirates have the unfortunate appearance of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Hungry Munchable equals pirate platter, and Chomper and Munchy go on a wild feeding frenzy with edible pirates as the main menu. Side dishes include village housing and the occasional UFO.

Players begin by choosing to play as one of these two main characters and working their way through each of the 24 stages by eating pirates. The player presses the A button on the Wii remote to eat, and the characters grow in size the more they consume. They canít munch pirates larger than them, but they can attack the pirates, which breaks them apart into smaller, more edible parts. The pirates can attack in return, which shrinks the characters back to the original size, but players can restore them by shaking the Wii remote. Growing in size allows the characters to reach new areas as well, which means being able to reach collectables and secrets. These can unlock quirky accessories the player can use to fancify their character, like scales and peculiar headgear, which is a cute little bit of customization to keep the player engaged.

A second player can get in on the action by playing as the other character and zapping enemies while the first character gorges on pirates.

As with most 3D platformers, players meet a boss at the end of levels, which they need to defeat in order to advance.

Rated E for everyone, this gameís very simple gameplay and charming aesthetics will delight younger gamers, and the zany premise will attract the older crowd.

The drawbacks to this game are its lack of challenge and repetitive nature. Itís extremely simple to play with plenty of instruction and easy recovery, plus each stage has essentially the same defeat strategy. This might be a bonus for very young players, but once the novelty of consuming the enemy wholesale wears off for more experienced players, they may find it monotonous. The Munchables is an enchanting adventure that should provide a few hours of offbeat, hilarious fun, but may be more suitable as a rental for families with older children.


  • Tried and true 3D platformer format.
  • Simple gameplay is good for younger gamers.
  • Charming graphics and pleasing soundtrack.


  • Repetitive.
  • Lack of depth and challenge.


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Reviewed: June 2009

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