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Toy Review:    Neopets Trading Card Game Sets

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Toy Review: Neopets Trading Card Game Sets: Starter Kit (Base), Expansion Sets


By Wizards

Our Recommended Age: 8-up

Our Rating: A






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With the Neopets Trading Card Game, kids can enjoy the thrill of collecting cards and playing an exciting Neopets card game virtually wherever they go. Kids can start with the Neopets Trading Card Game: Two Player Starter Set, which includes 2 30-card starter decks, a playmat, 2 dice, and a bonus 8-card booster pack. A rulebook is also included.


Players aim to win contests for their Neopets, in the arenas of strength, agility, magic, and intelligence. If they win a contest on their turn, they can place an item or Equipment card in their bank. A total of 21 points of items and Equipment cards wins the game!


Players select 3 Neopets, shuffle them, and place them on the appropriate stack on the playmat. The rest of the cards are shuffled and placed on the Deck position. Each player then draws 4 cards. The player who starts draws a card from the deck, flips over the top Neopet card, and places it in one of the 4 arenas (strength, agility, magic, or intelligence). Paying attention to the individual Neopets stats, players elect to place their cards in the arena where they have the best chance of winning.


There are 234 cards to collect altogether. Every booster pack includes Virtual Prize Codes that can be used on the site for the chance to get special items for their online pets.


Expansion packs are also available. The game involves strategy and somewhat complex rules, like any trading card game, so it is best for children approximately 8 and up. 



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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Neopets Starter Set Game
Reviewed August 2004
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