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More Screenshots:    Backyard Hockey

This is a screen from the introduction to the game. Gameplay doesn't look like this... looks like this. This shows a game in progress.


This is a player from the Backyard Kids. Children choose a player and look at that player's stats...


...or they customize their own player's name, nickname, appearance, and skills.


There are also kid versions of NHL pro players. Here is the player card for Jaromir Jagr.


Kids scroll through the line-up of players to choose from on this screen.
Kids can select NHL logos and teams or create their own team logos, names, and colors--depending on the mode of play.


Great touches in the game include the score board...
...and commentary from these lively characters (play-by-play and color commentary)! Kids can take a break with a fun game of Air Hockey.


Update: The latest version of Backyard Hockey is: Backyard Hockey 2005

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Backyard Hockey



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For Windows/Mac By: Atari Ages 6-up Published: 2002





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Reviewed December 2002


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