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Walkthrough, Hints, & Help: The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie (for the PC)

PC Software: The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (for the PC)
Children's Computer Game for the PC


Our Recommended Age: Ages 8-11

Our Rating: B

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Read these hints only if you are stuck in the game and need help! This is not a complete walkthrough, but it contains enough hints and tips to get you started and familiar with gameplay.

Chapter One Hints

Take the alarm clock - you'll need it to scare the "highstrung" telephone repairman in the yard.

You'll need the spatula to use on the chest in Spongebob's room. Inside the chest are Spongebob's clothes, and he needs them before he can go outside.

Patrick has Spongebob's TV remote.

In order to get the toothpaste in Squidward's bathroom, Spongebob needs to scare off the telephone repairman by using the alarm clock, and use the phone in his living room (only after visiting Squidward's house, where his new number appears on a board in the dining room). This way, he can distract Squidward by calling him. Spongebob can then take the toothpaste. You can get Spongebob to brush his teeth right there in Squidward's bathroom by using the toothpaste on the toothbrush (both in the inventory), and then moving the combined inventory item onto Spongebob's reflection in the mirror.

Chapter Two Hints:

The first portion of Chapter Two is quite straightforward. The trick to getting past the Chum Bucket and on to Neptune's Castle is using the mop on the board so that Robot Spongebob moves to the board and Plankton can get to his jet pack.

In order to get Plankton to Neptune's Castle, kids need to help him navigate by avoiding jellyfish. Hold the mouse to go up, and release it to move down.

At the castle, be sure to pick up the "seahorseshoe" ("but seahorses don't have feet!") in the stables, talk to the jester in the library in order to find out how to get into the throne room, take the loose thread from the rug in the library, and then use the thread and horseshoe combined on the nail above the button for the throne room door.

Chapter Three Hints:

Talk to Squidward for information. Take the tongs from the kitchen. Go to the Krusty Krab and talk to the little girl, then go to Goofy Goober's and talk to Morty. Go to the Ice Cream Bar, get ice cream by using the tongs on the ice cream. Go to the Krusty Krab 2 kitchen, put the ice cream in the oil, and give the fried ice cream to Morty in order to get the passcard. Return to the Krusty Krab kitchen, slide down the pole, use the elevator, and get into the Patty mobile.

Chapter Four Hints:

Talk to the guys at the gas station, get the sheet music from the garage, enter the Thug Tug, and give the sheet music to the twins. Use the soap dispenser in the bathroom and ask the bartender to refill it. Use the soap dispenser to create bubbles. This provides the distraction for getting the keys.

Chapter Five Hints:

You need to free Mindy. Take the mirror from the closet, take the glue, and talk to the guard. Spread glue on the window.

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Reviewed: April 2005

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