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Children's Software Review :    Dora Fairytale Adventure


Dora the Explorer Computer Game PictureThis is the best Dora the Explorer software game to date. There are two ways to play Dora Fairytale Adventure — kids can either follow along in adventure format as they try to wake Sleeping Boots, or they can head straight to the games. Either way, they take part in some fun mind-stretching activities.

In the colorful Fairytale Land, kids join Dora and Boots the monkey. Boots eats a banana and falls asleep. The Seven Dwarfs (who speak some Spanish, just like all the characters in this computer game!) tell Dora that the only way to wake up "Sleeping Boots" is a hug from a true princess. There are no princesses in sight, but Dora can always become one. How? She needs to find the magic rings, teach the giant rocks to sing, turn winter into spring, and bring the moon to the Queen and the King. Phew! Sounds like Dora's toughest challenge yet! But she always has helpfrom your preschooler. 

Dora Computer Game PictureWhile the Seven Dwarfs watch over the snoozing monkey, Dora heads off to complete her tasks, become a true princess, and break the sleeping spell. Map steps in with this regular infusion of logic and organization. He reminds kids exactly what they need to do. The activities are quite clever. One involves using problem-solving skills in order to get Dora through a maze to save the giant's pets. This one is excellent for encouraging children to think ahead. Another activity involves finding snowmen's colorful items (big, small, and medium). Even the music activity, which is almost standard in preschool software programs, is cute. The animated rocks sing "boing" as kids compose music. 

There are three levels of difficulty to the games, of which there are many (more than the standard quantity in preschool programs). Although the game plays primarily in the English language, Spanish words and phrases are interjected throughout the adventure. We find this computer game cute and clever. 

Highly recommended. 

Rating: A 

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Dora Pictures


Dora the Explorer: Fairytale Adventures PC Play Pack


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