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Blue's Room: Blue Talks! (for the PC)

PC Software: Blue's Room - Blue Talks!
Children's Computer Game for the PC


Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-5

Our Rating: A

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Blue's Room Pictures

Blue's Room is a spin-off of Blue's Clues in which Blue talks rather than yelps, and plays with her friends, Frederica, Moona the Fairy, Polka Dot, Silly Seat, Handy Dandy Journal, and more. This software features these adorable characters and is designed in such a way that preschoolers have a great time as they develop some important early concepts.

The program features a number of activities, each of which is quite engaging. Kids search for objects and characters in one game hosted by Polka Dot (whose speech is not always clear, unfortunately), find and position puzzle pieces, choose words to complete stories, learn new vocabulary words, and guess what Doodle is drawing.

Words of encouragement, on the lines of "I knew you could doodle-do it!", are abundant. When children sign in, they choose some of their favorite things, and Silly Seat's jokes incorporate some of these things for a nice personalized touch.

The vocabulary activity is especially cute. Kids search for things that are "buoyant" or "jovial", after hearing a definition of the word. Some of the words are really quite sophisticated! Unfortunately, the word "buoyant" was misspelled.

The activities in the game are enjoyable and quite original. Children and their parents will be floored by the graphics--they're irresistible. You won't find your standard preschool fare here (no ABC's and 123's), but you will find some engaging games that are far from run-of-the-mill. More of them would have been even better.

We have more pictures from the game here -- they are really impressive.


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Reviewed: May 2005

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