Vtech V-Motion like the Wii?

Vtech – V.Motion Active Learning System

The Vtech V Motion Active Learning System incorporates motion into a through-the-TV games console. Wireless motion-activated play through the included joystick and educational-style games are featured in this system that plugs into the TV. The system comes bundled with Action Mania software game. Additional games for the system (and if you need to buy an additional controller) are sold separately.

Testers felt the system was very similar to the Vtech VSmile, but with a different controller. Unfortunately, they ended up opting out of the motion feature and instead simply used the controller, as it wasn’t always as responsive as we would have liked.

I suppose it’s not exactly fair to compare the unit to the Nintendo Wii, which is very responsive, but it seems natural to do so, since we expect many families will look to the VMotion as a less-expensive alternative to the Wii. In this sense, there is no comparison–the Wii is much more user-friendly. There are not a lot of educational titles available for the Wii, but the game packaged with the VMotion doesn’t teach much to young kids at any rate. So, if you’re looking for a Wii-like console with an educational slant, the VMotion won’t completely satisfy.

To buy the VMotion system: Vtech – V.Motion Active Learning System