De Blob is de Bomb

Imagine a world without color. That’s what the citizens of Chroma City are facing if the I.N.K.T. Corporation gets its way. Enter an unlikely superhero: de Blob. Armed with a Wii-mote and Nunchuk, you get to take on this role and bounce, splat, and roll your way around the city, painting it as you go.… Continue reading De Blob is de Bomb

New Nintendo DSi

Due out on April 5, 2009 in the US, Nintendo’s latest handheld seems impressive. Nintendo pioneered hand-held entertainment in the 1980’s with the Game Boy video game system. There have been very successful incarnations (or iterations) over the years, and now Nintendo is releasing the Nintendo DSi handheld system. Priced at a manufacturers’ suggested retail… Continue reading New Nintendo DSi

The Playstation Portable (PSP) – What does it Offer?

The Playstation Portable or PSP is a popular handheld wireless device that comes with multiple capabilities. This clever system can be used to listen to music, listen to Internet radio, view photographs, and watch movies, news features, television, or videos. It offers easy access to the Internet through a wireless connection. With the PSP, it’s… Continue reading The Playstation Portable (PSP) – What does it Offer?

How to Master Mario Kart Wii

Ever enjoyed the original Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? The fun does not stop there.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you be the best you can be at Nintendo’s biggest racer yet: Mario Kart Wii. Drifting: When playing in Automatic mode, drifting is disabled. This means that your kart… Continue reading How to Master Mario Kart Wii

A look at Order Up! Video game for the Nintendo Wii

Kids are rookie chefs in a fun and engaging new game for the Wii, Order Up!. Rookie chefs need to start at the bottom, and in Order Up!, they begin their cooking adventure at a greasy spoon, Burger Face. As kids progress, their goal is to eventually become world-class chefs. What’s special about this game… Continue reading A look at Order Up! Video game for the Nintendo Wii

Vtech V-Motion like the Wii?

Vtech – V.Motion Active Learning System The Vtech V Motion Active Learning System incorporates motion into a through-the-TV games console. Wireless motion-activated play through the included joystick and educational-style games are featured in this system that plugs into the TV. The system comes bundled with Action Mania software game. Additional games for the system (and… Continue reading Vtech V-Motion like the Wii?