Tag Reading System by Leap Frog – Review

LeapFrog® Tag Reading System

Designed for children just heading out on the road to reading (beginning readers), the Tag Reader (which looks like a pen or stylus) is a touch-sensitive reading device that “reads” specially designed storybooks to children. Activities that encourage word recognition, other reading skills, and general learning experiences are also incorpororated. Currently, there are over 20 books and games designed for the Tag Reading system, some of which are classics like The Little Engine That Could, and others based on popular characters like SpongeBob SquarePants. The leanring activities are leveled and automatically adjust to a child’s responses. Downloadable content is available online and accessed using a USB key.

The Tag Reading System includes a rather generic reading book, and the other storybooks are available separately. As such, you will need to factor the additional expense of books into the overall price of the product. (Kids will definitely need and want more storybooks).

See for yourself:

We like the leveling, interactivity, and concept of this product. Downfalls are overall price, if you factor in the purchase of additional storybooks, and only one user can be tracked at a time (kids can share the unit, but the leveling and reporting becomes mixed up that way).

To buy this system: LeapFrog® Tag Reading System

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