Elmo Live – the most interactive Elmo plushie to date


Elmo Live – Available November 1, 2008, Pre-Order Now.

Elmo Live is a plush toy of Elmo, who, from his sitting
position, crosses his legs, bobbles his head from side to side,
tells jokes as his mouth flaps right on cue, sings songs, and even
plays games. Kids activate this extraordinarily true-to-life plushie
by squeezing his hands, nose, or feet.

Elmo Live is, of course, expected to be at least as popular as
its predecessors (such as Elmo TMX and Tickle Me Elmo). This one is
the most advanced interactive Elmo we have seen yet.

Here’s Elmo Live in action:

Elmo Live can be pre-ordered now (and will be
released on November 1, 2008). Many families are getting a jump on
this in case there is a shortage later:

Preorder at Amazon: Fisher-Price Elmo Live