A look at Order Up! Video game for the Nintendo Wii

Kids are rookie chefs in a fun and engaging new game for the Wii, Order Up!. Rookie chefs need to start at the bottom, and in Order Up!, they begin their cooking adventure at a greasy spoon, Burger Face. As kids progress, their goal is to eventually become world-class chefs.

What’s special about this game is that it not only allows kids to work with ingredients and recipes, it is also a restaurant management game. Children prepare and present food, and the focus is not only on mixing the right ingredients, but also adding the special finishing touches that make a meal a masterpiece. New recipes and equipment are unlocked along the way.

In comparison to Cooking Mama for the Wii, Order Up is richer in gameplay, offering definite goals and a management angle that older kids will enjoy more. Its controls are a little trickier, however.

This game is missing a multi-player mode, which would have boosted our ratings of the game considerably.

For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Order Up!

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