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Children's DVD Review:

Blue's Clues: Blue's Biggest Stories

DVD Review: Blue's Biggest Stories



Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-5

Released: August 2006

Reviewed: September 2006

Our Rating: A+

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Blue's 10 year anniversary is celebrated in the DVD release of Blue's Biggest Stories. Eight favorite episodes from the popular series are showcased, as well as a never-before-released episode entitled "Magenta Gets Glasses". Some bonus features, including two Blue's Room shorts, round out this fun package that commemorates--and follows the evolution of--the preschooler series quite nicely.  

The DVD features key episodes from Blue's early days with Steve, including favorites Blue's Birthday, Pajama Party, and Blue's Treasure Hunt. Pivotal episodes are featured--Steve Goes to College is the transitional episode when Steve leaves and Joe replaces him, for example.

The screenshot above is from another transitional episode entitled The Legend of the Blue Puppy, in which Moona (the Moon fairy) tells the story of the smart little blue puppy--and why he's special. In this episode, Blue makes his transition from yelping puppy to talking puppy for Blue's Room.

Whether the episode is from its early days or more current, preschoolers learn diverse facts, such as "why is it dark at night?" and skills, such as how to handle the first day at school. As always, the message is positive and promotes enthusiasm for learning.

This DVD will be a welcome addition to a preschooler's DVD library. Running time: 196 minutes.



Best For: Ages 3-5.

Our Rating:



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Reviewed: September 2006

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Blue's Clues - Blue's Biggest Stories (DVD)

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