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Children's DVD Review:

Arthur's Missing Pal

DVD Review: Arthur's Missing Pal



Our Recommended Age: Ages 5-10

Released: July 2006

Reviewed: August 2006

Our Rating: A

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The first CGI-animated movie feature for Arthur and his pals is a hit. Arthur's Missing Pal tells the story of how Arthur loses his pet dog, Pal, and chronicles his efforts to find him.  

Beyond the sheer novelty of the CGI-animated graphics, which are intriguing and lush, the movie tells an interesting story. A little more dramatic than a typical Arthur episode, Arthur's Missing Pal may appeal to a slightly older crowd. Arthur's pet, Pal, begets a real personality in this feature, and he's adorably animated.

Any child who owns a dog can identify with Arthur's guilt about not having paid enough attention to Pal's walking and feeding schedules. While Pal has a grand time experimenting with his newfound freedom, he eventually feels lost; and Arthur worries that Pal will forget about him altogether. Arthur enlists the help of his buddies, not the least of whom is Buster, who takes on the role of detective.

Again, this feature is a little more dramatic than a typical Arthur episode--there are a few scenes that feature mean dogs, for example, that could be mildly unsettling to the youngest of viewers. However, for its target audience, the suspense is just right.



Best For: Ages 5-10.

Our Rating:



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Reviewed: August 2006

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Arthur's Missing Pal (DVD)

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