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PC Software Review: Jump Start Reading with Karaoke
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By Knowledge Adventure

Our Recommended Age: Ages 5-6

Our Rating: A+

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JumpStart Reading with Karaoke begins with greetings from Val (the name of the host, but also an acronym for Voice Activated Learning) on Hip Hop Avenue. Kids listen to the first song of the game, and then they are introduced to some of the basic words in the song (example: cat, bat, mat, rat). They hear the word pronounced in full and phonetically before they get a chance to say the word into their microphone.

Here, kids sort words into trash cans (the cans' names are Trash Can and Trash Can't!) according to their beginning sound.

As children complete activities, they earn tickets towards a jukebox song.

Here, kids guide a little cat on her bicycle as they pick up letter-labeled mail while avoiding obstacles in their path.

It's back to Hip Hop Avenue, where sight words included in the feature song are practiced. Again, children say the words into the microphone and hear them played back. If the word is said incorrectly, they can try again.

After loading Frankie's mail truck by building the words kids have learned, they guide the truck through the streets, picking up boxes as they go.

Once the boxes have been picked up, it's time to see what Pierre needs. Children choose the requested word box and then say the word aloud.

It's jump rope chants time! Phrases from the final song are reinforced here to a funky beat.

It's show time! After practice and repetition with the words of the song, it's time to sing along, karaoke-style. As kids sing into their microphone, they are guided by slightly muted vocals, but when they play the song back, it's only their voice. This portion of the game is a blast! Kid testers loved it.

Important: A DirectX 9.0-compatible 3D video card is a minimum requirement for this game!

A microphone is included in the package.

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Reviewed: October 2005

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