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Giggles: Shapes (Computer Funtime for Baby)

PC Software Review: Giggles Shapes
Children's Computer Game for the PC - Win/Mac

By Leveractive

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-24 months

Our Rating: A

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Since Reader Rabbit, we've been waiting for a software title designed for babies that we can recommend wholeheartedly. Giggles: Shapes (Computer Funtime for Babies) is such a title. For babies anxious to "play" on the computer, this title is just right. It not only lets little ones play safely, its features make it easy for them to learn what a computer mouse can do. The mouse is a tricky thing to master, but it can be done—especially with the colorful and sometimes hilarious rewards Giggles software has to offer for children's clicking "efforts".

Kids can interact with the program's many activities by randomly tapping the keyboard—without ever touching the mouse. However, we always recommend using the mouse right away (unless, of course, a toddler is completely resisting it)—and this program encourages learning the ins and outs of the mouse as well.

The program's canine mascot is Flopsy. He talks to children only at the main screen, so it's up to parents to name the shapes, colors, and animals in the activities—a good thing, because it encourages parent-child interaction.

There are ten different presentations of shapes (main activities) in Giggles: Shapes. Stars, triangles, squares, diamonds, and stars float, spin, play peek-a-boo, dance, and even dive to children's clicks (or taps). Each activity features an animal, such as a bespectacled giraffe, a teddy bear, or a kitty, in addition to a wide array of shapes.

Fireworks of colorful shapes appear when kids click on the mouse—a fabulous reward. In many activities, if kids move the mouse, the animal moves along with it, which is another excellent way to teach children about the mouse.

One of the program's best features is the musical soundtrack selection. Parents can select no music at all, or such themes as jazz, boogie, classical music, or lullaby. They can change the musical selection at any time during an activity. The music truly sets the tone so that caregivers can select "Baby Lullaby", for example, when they're playing the game before nap or bedtime; and they can choose "Baby Boogie" for a more lively time of day.

Four bonus activities include "Fun With Flopsy" (pictured above), which is a positively hilarious "just for fun" activity that's sure to tickle little ones. A click of the mouse (or a tap on the keyboard) gets Flopsy wiggling and freezing in a crazy pose. Fun stuff! Other activities include animals popping up randomly at the farm, dancing animals, and a Shapes music video in which children click in order to change the background color.

The program is colorful, interactive, engaging, and humorous. The thought and care that went into producing Giggles is evident throughout. We're looking forward to new titles in the line (this is the first). For now, we are having a great time with Shapes, and recommend it wholeheartedly to families with small children.

Available as a download or in "traditional" box format.

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Reviewed: March 2006

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