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Children's Software Review:

Curious George (CD-ROM)

PC Software Review: Curious George
Children's Computer Game for the PC - DVD-ROM

By Activision

Our Recommended Age: Ages 10+

Our Rating: B+

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Who better than the mischievous Curious George to star in a video game adventure? Based on the animated film, Curious George is a video game that features rich colors, a fun story line, and kid appeal. It's very challenging for little ones, however, and it should be kept in mind that adults (or older siblings) will need to intervene in order to minimize frustration.

The PC version of the game involves using the keyboard and mouse (unless you have a gamepad, which is supported). Kids are treated to clips from the animated film in between gameplay. They lead Curious George through levels, having him swing from vine to vine, run, jump, ride a lily pad on a river, and so forth. They collect bananas to unlock bonus features, and they interact with "curious objects", such as machines, drawers, and even bee hives, in order to collect points to go shopping at the Museum Gift Shop. 

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Reviewed: February 2006

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Curious George (PC)

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