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Children's Software Review:

It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown! (CD-ROM)

PC Software Review: It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown!
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By Viva Media

Our Recommended Age: Ages 7-10

Our Rating: A-

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Children gradually learn baseball basics as they take part in a Charlie Brown adventure. While children are able to dive right into the baseball game, the story mode of It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown! is more satisfying.

In the story mode, children help Charlie Brown get a baseball team together--not a straightforward task! After choosing a difficulty level, kids move from area to area, meeting up with characters such as Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Violet, Sally, Lucy, Linus, and Pigpen.

Associated with each character is a puzzle of sorts--an mini-game. These rather simple games are necessary in order to recruit a character as a player in the big game. However, before the games open up, kids must solve a problem associated with the character. Examples of these problems are the necessity to "remove" Lucy from Schroeder's house in order to recruit the piano-playing boy, and bringing the girl that Pigpen is infatuated with to him.

The mini-games include repeating musical phrases, repairing an alarm clock by connecting cogs appropriately, catching objects, and so forth.

Once a character's mini-game is completed successfully, kids play a baseball activity unique to each character. These activities teach kids baseball basics revolving around batting, pitching, base running, managing, and fielding.

When all of the characters have been recruited, the big game ensues. Kids draw on the skills they have learned throughout the game and play ball. As mentioned above, kids can skip right to the baseball game, independent of the story, but most will want to solve the puzzles and problems.

The format of the game is slow-paced, pleasant, and neither too hard nor too easy. Kids do need to practice in order to "get it right", which is actually a good thing, extending the game and offering a "practice makes perfect" environment. The Peanuts characters and environment are recreated well. Children under 7 will need help solving the story mode. The mini-games are nothing we haven't seen already in some form or another, but the baseball activities are not only fun, they're instructional.

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Reviewed: September 2007

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