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Children's Software Review:

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (CD-ROM)

PC Software Review: Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus CD-ROM
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By Vivendi Universal

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-8

Our Rating: B

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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus CD-ROM is based on the storyline of the movie of the same name, although it doesn't follow the story completely. The goal of the game is to build the Wand of Light, which involves finding three things: a measure of courage, a ring of love, and a gem of ice. The Wand of Light is the only thing that can defeat the evil Wenlock, who has turned the King and Queen (Annika's parents) into stone and her sister, Brietta, into a Pegasus. Annika is Barbie's character, and kids play as the princess.

A crystal bell is always available to children as they play the game. Clicking on the bell icon pulls up instructions as to what to do next. The first task of the game is to find Shiver, Barbie's polar bear cub sidekick. This little mission helps acquaint children with the controls of the game—they direct Barbie using the arrow keys on their keyboard.

The next set of tasks involves practicing jumping, flying, and skating before Barbie can begin the adventure. Once complete (and it takes a while), kids lead Barbie through the Forbidden Forest, where mini-games and puzzles need to be played and won before advancing forward. Aidan, who lends Barbie/Annika a hand in the movie, is absent from the game.

The main issue we have with this game involves a mismatch between the challenge level of the games and the skills required to use the controls. The games are quite easy and appropriate for children ages 5-6 and perhaps 7. However, kids need to direct Barbie using the arrow keys, which is a rather awkward undertaking for children this age.

Important: A DirectX 9.0-compatible 3D video card is a minimum requirement for this game. If you don't have these graphics requirements, the game may run, but the graphics will be poor and choppy.

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Reviewed: October 2005

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