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Children's Book Review:

Pick Me Up

Children's Book Review: Pick Me Up
Children's Book

By Jeremy Leslie and David Roberts

Publisher: DK

Our Recommended Age: Ages 9-up

Our Rating: A+

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Top Pick This unique and inspiring book is perfect for the coffee table in the homes of any family with children ages 9 and up. Affectionately called a "shuffle-pedia", Pick Me Up is a different kind of encyclopedia--very visual and entirely mixed up. Shuffling through the graphically rich pages is fun and totally addictive. Kids learn diverse facts as they leaf through the appealing pages. Most importantly, they'll want to shuffle through without encouragement. And, if they need to refer to the book in a more traditional manner, they can always make use of the extensive index.

History, geography, science, natural history, and plenty of miscellaneous facts are all here. One spread asks, "While you were at school today, what were kids (age 12) doing in other parts of the world?" Other topics include "Was Freud a bit bonkers?", "How to tell when someone (really) likes you", "Why do Boats Float?", and "What are you standing on?" Truly fabulous!

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Reviewed: October 2006

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