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Children's Book Review:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

Children's Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
Children's Book

By Jeff Kinney

Publisher: Harper Collins

Our Recommended Age: Ages 2-6

Our Rating: A

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Top Pick The hilarious third installment in the Wimpy Kid series again finds reluctant diarist (ďItís a JOURNAL, not a diaryĒ) Greg Heffley struggling to survive middle school and his wacky family. Big brother Rodrick is still a pest, spoiled baby brother Manny continues to get away with everything, and his parents remain clueless.

At least Greg still has his video games.

But after bad grades, detention, and embarrassing the family in front of his boss one too many times, Gregís father thinks itís time for his son to grow up. When sports donít quite work out (Greg blows dandelions instead of guarding the soccer goal), Mr. Heffley finds his answer in a nearby military academy that turned the neighborhood troublemaker into a model citizen. With precious weeks of his carefree life remaining, Greg will try anything to avoid being shipped off and also make a final move for in the quest for his crush, Holly Hills.

Returning with the quirky humor that has made his books best-sellers, Kinney absolutely nails what itís like to be a preteen. Gregís world is full of the innocent daydreams and rampant unfairness that fill middle schoolersí lives, but thereís usually enough candy and reversals of fortune to make each day not so bad.

As with the prior installments, Kinneyís simple, humorous illustrations between the text are the bookís defining element, augmenting the story and giving the series its comic mystique. Events seem deliciously random, but they play off of each other and wrap together as in a Seinfeld episode to form a surprising yet wholly believable ending.

The Last Straw is a wonderful continuation of Gregís story and also great as a standalone read. Itís ideal for reluctant readers and bibliophiles alike, providing clean entertainment thatís hard to beat. The next chapter canít come soon enough.


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Reviewed: June 2009

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