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Buyer's Guide:    Tassimo or Keurig? A Comparison of Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Buyer's Guide:    Tassimo or Keurig? A Comparison of Single-Serve Coffee Makers

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Single-Serve Coffee Makers

After testing both the Tassimo Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System by Braun and the Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System, we found advantages to both. However, our test families favored the Tassimo.

Both the Tassimo and the Keurig offer a convenient system for brewing the "perfect" cup of coffee quickly (the Keurig does it the most quickly the first time around). It's excellent for families who don't want to fiddle with coffee grinds (both systems use special single-cup packages or pods, the T-Discs and the K-Cups, respectively).

The advantages to the Keurig include a somewhat quieter brewing process, quicker delivery of a coffee first time around (it's always heating), an easy choice of different brew sizes (3 choices with the B60 model), a reusable K-Cup option for your own coffee selection, and a cleaner process (the Tassimo can be messy when using larger mugs).

The Tassimo's main advantage is its ability to brew Cappuccino and Latte beverages. Its T-Discs are more readily available as well.

Before testing both machines, I was somewhat disturbed about the thought of having to be limited to the specific brands of coffee and other hot beverages designed for the unit. However, both machines offer a good variety of coffee brands and selection. Note that both machines offer hot cocoa and tea options.

Although the Keurig seems to be designed better overall, the Tassimo was favored by our test families unanimously. The reason? They preferred the coffee and hot chocolate beverages associated with it--the Starbucks House Blend being the favorite. The cappuccino and latte options were also strong factors in the draw (the Tassimo can do this with its bar-code technology that allows it to know what to do with each T-disc, and the Keurig doesn't brew these frothy beverages). Kids preferred the hot cocoa (Suchard's) for the Tassimo to the Green Mountain Hot Cocoa for the Keurig. As mentioned above, the Keurig has many advantages over the Tassimo, including a better design and more variety of coffee selections. This didn't sway our testers, however!

Both systems make great gifts, particularly for couples and those living alone, although families can enjoy them as well. Be sure to include some of the coffee with the Tassimo so that the recipients can start enjoying the machine right away.

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December 2007