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Buyer's Guide:    Fantastic Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids 

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Our Buyer's Guides help make buying choices easy for consumers. We test hundreds of children's products and strive to keep up to date on the latest releases. Of course, every family is unique. We can't please everyone. However, we are able to select some special products that are at the top of our "edutainment" list--those that have that extra edge in the categories of design, entertainment, education, and play value. 

Besides the letter grades we give most products, reviews on this site often come with a rating bar chart--a visual breakdown of how the product rates in a number of categories. See how we rate products here.

As we test new children's products, we will update these buyer's guides to reflect current availability and up-to-date recommendations. These guides are intended to help parents make sense of the overwhelming choices available to them.

Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids

When times call for quiet and rewarding indoors activities, we have some great suggestions. These kits will help kids get started creating. We've selected kits that are easy enough to do, but that have very satisfying--and often impressive--results. These kits are excellent for rainy days, and they also make fun gifts.


Ages 5-9


The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls

The concept of dressing up, and playing with, paper dolls has been around for a long time, but the delivery is fresh and new. The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls truly is fabulous. Young children will thoroughly enjoy this easy-to-do activity. Replacing old-fashioned paper tabs are adhesive dots that are re-stickable. As well, perforations replace the need for scissors. The result is a favorite pastime, made accessible to younger children. The book features fantasy backdrops for play time, as well as a cute and handy storage that is built right into the bookit looks like a wardrobe! Very satisfying. See our review.

Recommended for: Preschoolers through Kindergarteners. 

Why do we recommend this kit? It's easy to do, yet satisfying. The results are fun and whimsical, and children learn a little about gardening and taking care of plants. 

[For more information, or to buy: The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls at]

Butterfly Bedroom 

coverThe pastel beauties on the cover of the box can actually be accomplished with this wonderful little kit. Children create pretty room decorations with the included supplies: tuile butterflies with bendable wire frames, glitter paint (in easy-to-squeeze tubes), and tiny little rhinestones (also in pretty pastel colors). 

This craft is really simple and the decorated butterflies are pretty much guaranteed to look adorable. There are three butterfly blanks included in the box, and each can be suspended for a floating effect in the room or simply hung on a wall. This would make a great birthday party craft too. 

Recommended for: Preschoolers and up. This is one of the rare kits that will appeal to kids as young as 3 or 4, and even to teenagers.

Why do we recommend this kit? Plentiful supplies, easy to do, and simply beautiful results. This craft isn't going to end up in the trash can any time soon.  

[For more information, or to buy: Butterfly Bedroom at]


Ages 9-12

Crafts made with polymer clay have become very popular. There are many artisans making a living making beads, for example, with this easy-to-use clay. Turning kids on to the craft makes a lot of sense. With the polymer clay medium, kids can truly express their creativity and produce little permanent works of art that often serve a purpose. It's a very tangible and satisfying craft. The Incredible Clay Book offers kids both the materials (it includes 8 ounces of quality polymer clay in a range of basic colors) and the instructions to create some delightful crafts. The instructions are clear, and the abundant examples are inspirational. If children are reluctant at all, or stumped, this colorful book will fill them with the motivation and inspiration to get started. The book is bursting with fresh ideas to make critters, flowers, jewelry, and lots of gorgeous beads. Fantastic!

Recommended for: Children who love crafts that yield practical and useful results. The craft requires some patience, and adult supervision for baking. 

Why do we recommend this kit? This kit has all the supplies kids need to get started--and to keep them busy. Clear instructions and illustrations are included, plus very creative project ideas.

[For more information, or to buy: The Incredible Clay Book/Includes 8 Clay Colors at]


Surviving long car rides with minimal complaint is not an easy task, but Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Guide can certainly help save the day. Car games, quizzes, activities, and song lyrics fill the sturdy, colorful pages of this fantastic spiral-bound book. An attached pouch includes supplies to enjoy the book's games (including markers, game pieces, and more) and a clip board holds pages of printouts that kids can use to play games such as Country Bingo and Lost on Earth. This kit is exciting, including directions for classic and all-new car games, quizzes that kids can give to their parents, and more. 

Recommended for: Children ages 8-14. 

Why do we recommend this kit? This kit has all the supplies kids need to play the car games, and features clear instructions and colorful instructions. Excellent!

[For more information, or to buy: Kidstravel: A Backseat Survival Guide/Includes Book, Pad, and Pouch With Game Pieces at]











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