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The Complete Mob Wars Strategy Guide - Tips and Tricks

the complete Mob wars strategy guide - Mob wars Facebook applicaiton

Mob Wars is a game application in the world’s largest social network, Facebook. It attracts millions of users daily. David Maestri aka Jason Gilbert developed this game while he was working for the web hosting company, Freewebs. Mob Wars soon proved to be very addictive and thus highly lucrative; now it makes around a million dollars for the developer every month. If you already know about it or are interested in playing it, then this strategy guide is for you.

Mob Wars is similar to any other Facebook application. Simply find its page by searching, and you will get the option to install it in your profile.

The Game Basics

In this game, you play a Mafia boss, with a mob equipped with weapons to fight other mobs. You also have the ability to rule various parts of your city in order to make a standing hourly income from them. The size of your mob is constituted by your friends who also play the game. You can expand your mob by adding more friends and inviting them to the game.

The most important aspect of the game is the mob. The larger the mob, the more powerful it is. You can grow your mob through various levels, which depend on its experience, measured in experience points. Your mob gains experience points every time it completes a job or wins fights with other mobs. On leveling up, you are awarded three skill points and one Godfather favor point (see below to know more of them). You can use them to upgrade your mob.

In order to develop your mob, you have the following services:

Hospital - to regain your health if it falls below a certain percentage
Bank - to safe-keep your money
City - to purchase land and develop it into money-making establishments
Stockpile - to purchase the weapons your mob needs
Jobs - to earn some money and experience
Fight list - to attack other mobs similar to yours and earn some money and experience
The Godfather - for some special services we shall see below

Here are the four main attributes of your mob: Health to fight with other mobs; Stamina to fight more often; Cash to purchase land or weaponry; and Energy to do jobs.

Health is lost when you fight other mobs; the loss depends on the size and strength of the rival mobs. One fight takes up one stamina point. Expenditure of energy and cash depends on the kind of job done and the type of building purchased.

All these attributes regenerate when lost. Income is generated hourly. One stamina point requires two minutes to regenerate; health and energy points require about 4 minutes each to regenerate. However, certain other aspects of the game, which we will see later, decide faster regeneration of some or all of these attributes.

The special service, the Godfather, imparts you services in return for favor points, which are awarded every time you level up.

Starting Your Game

When you start your game for the first time, you have two choices to make—your mob boss name and mob boss type. The name of the mob boss can be anything you wish, and it represents you in the game. The type can be one of these three: Tycoon, which gains money faster; Insomniac, which gains energy faster; or Bulletproof, which recuperates faster.

Your first strategy is in choosing which mob boss type you need to be. For instance, the Tycoon mobs gather money faster, making Tycoon the perfect mob boss type for you if you have less time to play the game and wish to have a lot of city investments. If you wish to play more often and want to be a fighter, then you should choose Bulletproof type. If you want to do more jobs and earn experience that way, then you should choose Insomniac.

The Hitlist

Besides the features mentioned above, there is one more called the hitlist. Any mob boss can add any other to the hitlist to have him killed immediately. You can go to the profile of a mob boss and click ‘add to hitlist’ link for this. You need to place a bounty on the mob boss, and it will be awarded to anyone that kills him.

Normally, a mobster cannot attack any mob far above or below his own level. It’s so designed, because otherwise very high level mobs can easily attack smaller mobs, creating a great imbalance in the game. But if you put a player into hitlist, that player can be attacked by all currently active players of Mob Wars. Hence, a mob far higher up than the target’s level can easily attack and kill him.

Mobsters in hitlist usually don’t last more than one or two minutes; and when dying, the mobster loses a great amount of experience. You can put a mobster to hitlist as often as you wish, but he should be alive.

The bounty amount of a mobster is roughly ten times the income he generates from his city investments.

To protect a mobster from getting killed through hitlist, there is an option called ignition rigging. By spending a specified amount of money, stamina, and energy, you can rig any mobster’s ignition, which means, the mobster will get killed next time he adds you to hitlist. This also is accessible from the profile page of the mobster.

Strategy to Level Up Faster

If you want to be a really powerful mobster, you need to level up faster. There are players who level up as many as five or ten times a day, by playing rigorously. You can too.

It requires a lot of experience to level up faster, and you can gain it by winning fights with mobs as powerful as yours. Fighting small mobs with low power gives only a small amount of experience.

A better way to level up faster is playing with a leveling partner. Your leveling partner can be any player with a mob almost as powerful as yours. You should agree on attacking each other to gain experience for both. When you have a close encounter and win it, you gain the maximum experience. You can let your leveling partner attack you first until he exhausts all his stamina. You should be willing to drop weaponry to let the other win a fight. Afterwards, you can attack back and gain experience.

This way, at the end of the day, both can level up several times.

In order to level up, you need to invest your skill points on stamina and health. If you do jobs to gain experience, you can invest in energy too. The higher your health, the more the experience points you get on a close encounter, and the higher the stamina, the more the encounters you can have.

Equipping Your Mob

Your strategy to win more fights is equipping your mob with more powerful weapons early on in the game. If you have a mob with 300 members, you actually have a mob size of 301 including yourself. So, you need 301 of each item.

A mobster can wield one weapon, one defense item (such as the bulletproof west), and one vehicle at a time. Hence, you need to buy 301 guns, 301 armors, and 301 vehicles to fully equip your mob. One thing to note is that many of these weapons have upkeep, which is an hourly payment. You can levy this upkeep on the property income you gain every hour.

You should look for jobs that earn you powerful weapons, such as the Liquor Store Robbery, Jewelry Store Robbery, Drug Smuggling by Sea, Illegal Weapon Smuggling, and Shipping Docks Raid. The attraction of these weapons is that they are not only the most powerful, but also don’t require any upkeep.

Using Skill Points

As mentioned earlier, you will get three skill points every time you level up. These skill points can be used to make one of your attributes better. Your attributes are attack strength, defense strength, energy, health, and stamina. One skill point can provide one point of attack strength, defense strength, or energy; ten health points; or a half of stamina point.

If your mob boss is a Bulletproof type, you probably want to fight a lot. Naturally, you want to invest a lot in attack and defense strengths. When you attack a lot, you also get attacked a lot. Therefore, you need to have a strong defense as well.

On the other hand, if you want to do more jobs, then you need to increase your energy points.

If you wish to level up faster with a leveling partner, then you should invest in health and stamina, as more health means more experience per encounter, and more stamina means more encounters.

Godfather Favor Points and Mob Wars Insider

Every time you level up, the Godfather awards you with a favor point. These favor points should be accumulated to expend on various services offered by the Godfather itself.

Sometimes, the Godfather offers you a lot of money in exchange of ten favor points. Though the amount of money is tempting, it’s not recommended to use this, as favor points are better spent elsewhere. You may also be tempted by a superior weapon in exchange for about 20 favor points. But wait some more time, Godfather may offer the same weapon for half as many favor points on special deals. The special deals are updated on your Mob Wars home page. It is then that you need to purchase the weapon.

But the most important investment at Godfather is something called ‘the Mob Wars Insider’. This is a special privilege you get by expending 100 favor points. The benefits of being an insider are these:

You get faster regeneration of income, health, energy, and stamina. This makes you as powerful as any other mob boss type.
You get two instead of one favor point when you level up.
20 per cent discount on the hospital charges.
There will be no more advertisement on the top of Mob Wars page.

But all these benefits last only for 31 days. But since they help you level up pretty faster, you can be an insider again at the end of those thirty-one days if you level up at least fifty times. Once you have become the Insider, you can spend favor points on any other offer—money, health, stamina, etc—as per requirement.

Bounty Hunting

As we mentioned earlier, the hitlist is a place where you can get a bounty by killing someone. Every time a player is placed in the hitlist, every active player can attack him. This is still very risky as mobsters of very high levels with great defense strengths may be listed, and attacking them can actually kill small mobsters.

You can access the hitlist and attack whoever is listed there. If you make the kill, you can bag the listed bounty. Most of the time, the bounty can be pretty substantial to risk blind attacking.

To get many bounty kills, you need to be very active at the hitlist, as there are thousands of players trying to pull off a bounty. Winning a bounty is too difficult if you don’t have a fast internet connection and a browser with scripts and images disabled. Many experienced bounty hunters recommend Internet Explorer.

When attacking the mob in hitlist, click the ‘attack’ button as many times as possible before the page reloads with results. This will help you increase the chance of getting a hit.

Getting many bounties is a great way to make huge amount of money.

Investing in Land

In order to invest better on the City, you need to use a Mob Wars return of investment (ROI) calculator. There are many calculators available out there. You can simply Google “Mob Wars Calculator” to find one. It will tell you which property to buy and in what numbers.

While I use the Mob Wars Tool Bar, which updates the best property to buy at any given time, before I discovered the tool bar (and for playing on other computers/laptops that don't have the tool bar installed) I always kept the Window's accessory calculator open and used this basic formula:

Income of Property /divided by/ Price of One Property.

So, for example, right now in one of my games, income for a Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai is $76,000. To buy one Manufacturing Plant, it will cost  $1,520,000,000.

So, I enter 76,000 into my calculator and divide it by 1,520,000,000, which yields 0.00005.

The income for one Night Club is $144,000 and it costs $2,743,600,000. Dividing 144,000 by 2,743,600,000 yields 0.0000524.

Forget all the decimal points and consider which one is higher, because we want a higher Return on Investment. The Night Club has a slightly higher return than the Manufacturing Plant, so it is worth more for me right now (later that will change!).

A Megacasino right now yields $1,250,000 and costs $17,500,000,000. The calculation for ROI comes to 0.0000714, so the Megacasino clearly is going to give me more income for my money spent in comparison to the Night Club and Manufacturing Plant. But remember, once purchased, the price will go up. Therefore, the properties that give a higher return are constantly changing as you play.

Mob Wars offers you to purchase city parts in groups of 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100. Every time you purchase a property, its price increases. Usually, buying in pack/bulk can give you a better ROI.

Since your city income determines your bounty value, if you have great city income, people will find it more expensive to add you to hitlist. This is why it is recommended that you invest in city very carefully to maximize your income. In higher levels, the ROI-based investment in city becomes more and more important as most properties will be priced very high.

Now, Mob Wars has city buildings categorized under real-world city names, like New York, London, Vegas, Moscow, Shanghai, etc. More properties open up as you level up.

Properties in London:

Empty Lot, Villa, Restaurant, City Block, Apartment, Hotel, Downtown Square, Beachfront Lot, Highrise Apartment, Container Yard, Office, Luxury Hotel, Beachfront Hotel, Casino, Marina. (Complete list).

Properties in Chicago:

Indie Theatre, Small Hotel, Steel Mill, Banking Center, Downtown Casino, Residential Highrise. (Complete list).

Properties in London:

Row House, Warehouse, Hotel, Theatre Hall, Investment Bank, Shipping Facility, Football Stadium. (Complete list).

Properties in Vegas:

Properties in Moscow:

Properties in Dubai:

Industrial Facilities, Residence Hotel, Condo Highrise, Tennis Center, Resort Complexes (opens at level 390), Oil Well (opens at level 410), Office Complexes (opens at level).

Properties in Shanghai:

Historic Restaurant, Manufacturing Plant, Night Club, Shopping Duplex (opens at level 550), Megacasino, (opens at level 650).

Properties in Tokyo:

Jobs and Job Tiers (and heists)

There are many different types of jobs available in Mob Wars. All of them require a specified amount of energy to complete (and these values change as you play and advance). Some of them require special weapons, a fixed number of mobsters, or any other special item to complete. These requirements should be fulfilled before the job can be carried out. Sometimes, there are preparatory jobs, which award special items required to finish the main job, although these seem to have been made obsolete.

With all jobs, you gain an amount of money and experience. Some jobs, however, can get you special weapons besides the experience and money; some of these jobs have been listed above. These weapons are extremely powerful and don’t require any upkeep. If you see a percentage beside a weapon (for example 25% beside an image of a race horse on the Extort a Businessman job in Chicago), then you have a 25% chance of gaining a race horse each time you do that job.

A recent update in Mob Wars has added a feature called job tiers. A job has to be completed a fixed number of times to go to the next tier for the same job. When you complete a tier, you are awarded with a special item, which can be converted into money in the Pawn Shop, a semi-new feature. As you go from tier to tier, the total experience and money gained from the job also increase.

Pawn Shop items used to be actual items but are now simply playing cards. Collect all suits of a given number, Jack, or Queen, and you win something--mostly you win skill points, but you can also win free powerful weapons, shields, and vehicles.

Job Heists introduced more recently introduce a true social element to the game. Many Mob Wars players regret adding friends to Facebook, adding these people to their Mob, and then deleting them. With the addition of Job Heists, it makes sense to keep the active Mob Wars players who are part of your Mob as Facebook Friends. You and your mob members can choose to publish Help Wanted requests that run through Facebook News Feeds. If you successfully recruit friends, your job heist (which is basically a Mob Wars job that is fulfilled over the course of time) runs faster. If you are recruited, you win some very interesting bonus items. If you have Mob members at advanced levels, these bonus items can be especially useful to you.

At level 600, provided you have Shanghai open, you gain a new job in Shanghai after the Traffic Counterfeit Goods job. The new one is Assassinate Triad Dai-lo, and all that is required is one Dragunov SVU. The Blackmail Government Officials and Traffic Counterfeit Goods jobs require 5 Office Megaplices, which doesn't open up until level 650, so there is a lot of waiting to do jobs in Shanghai. I think it might be a glitch that the makers of Mob Wars overlooked, although it's possible they are building some anticipation, too. UPDATE: At level 630, both the Office Megaplices and the next job on Shanghai are now open.


Mob Wars is a very popular and actively updated game. The developer, Jason Gilbert, still works on new features for the game. Some of the recent updates include AJAX-powered buttons.

The game continues to be addictive. There are players who spend hours and hours in front of their computers just to play this game. However you love it, you need to understand that this is just a game, and games are for spare time only. Don’t make time from your schedule to play Mob Wars, but play it when you have time.

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